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Notice for Public Review and Comment: Best Management Practices for Mercury Amalgam

NEW: Comment period extended until Friday, August 2, 2024.

June 7, 2024: Pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §22a616(d) and §22a-622, DEEP maintains Best Management Practices (BMPs) to help dental practitioners comply with requirements for managing dental mercury amalgam.

DEEP has been notified of emerging technologies, including devices equivalent to the currently accepted amalgam separators. In response, DEEP is soliciting public comment for potential amendments to the current BMPs. Please submit written comments to by Friday, August 2, 2024.

Notice of Updated Forest Resource Management Plan – Salmon River State Forest: Leesville Block Wopowog Wildlife Management Area (WMA)

May 24, 2024: The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Division of Forestry, gives notice to adopt with final approvals a Forest Resource Management Plan for the Leesville Block and Wopowog WMA, representing approximately 1,200-acres of Salmon River State Forest in the towns of Colchester, East Hampton, East Haddam, and Haddam Connecticut. The plan, which was informed by a comprehensive inventory as well as local municipal and stakeholder input, will guide forestry and wildlife habitat management activities for the next 10-years (2025 – 2035). Long-term planning goals include establishing a designated Old Forestland Management Site, maintaining important recreational areas, forest access maintenance and repairs, invasive species management, and silvicultural activities to promote, enhance, and protect significant habitat while addressing forest health concerns. An infographic detailing the highlights of the plan has been prepared for public review.

Information Requests: Interested persons may obtain a copy of the plan by sending a request for an electronic copy to DEEP at Interested parties who have reviewed the plan are invited to offer comments regarding the goals and objectives described in the plan. Comments regarding the plan may be submitted electronically to no later than thirty (30) days from the publication date of this notice.For projects which develop a significant public interest, DEEP may provide an opportunity for interested parties to attend an additional informational session in the form of a virtual presentation on the plan.

What Happens Next: At the conclusion of this process, the plan will be moved for final Agency authorization.

Connecticut Partnerships in Parks Initiative

DEEP is launching an initiative to identify concepts for potential collaborations with the private sector that elevate outdoor recreation and visitor experiences, expand tourism destinations, and provide equitable and sustainable access to outdoor recreation in State Parks. Following are some of the opportunities for public participation in this process:

  • A Request for Information (RFI) is being issued that seeks concepts for collaborations involving State Parks. Submissions are due to DEEP by March 1 or April 30, 2024, depending on the proposed implementation date.
  • A Public Informational Meeting will be held on February 6, 2024, for those considering submitting a response to the RFI or those interested in providing comments on the program. Preregistration is requested.
  • Public Comments about the initiative will be accepted via email through February 16, 2024.

Download the notice with details, registration, instructions, and contact information here. For more information, visit the initiative webpage.

Connecticut’s Integrated Water Planning Management:  Request for Public Comments for Water Quality Planning Topics and Locations
  • Public comments will be collected from January 3, 2024, through February 16, 2024. Two public meetings will be held on January 16th via Zoom (registration required) from 9:00-10:30 a.m. and 6:00-7:30 p.m. Here we will feature a presentation on the Integrated Water Planning Management process and identification of water quality priority focus topics and potential waters for development of Water Quality Action Plans.

  • Interested people are invited to attend and participate in the session. Written comments may be submitted through email or regular mail by February 16, 2024. Email comments should be submitted to: All comments must be submitted in writing. For more information visit the IWPM 2 Webpage and Factsheet.

Batterson Park Study Public Input Sessions
  • Download the Final Batterson Park Study (Submitted Jan 15, 2024).
  • Pursuant to Section 143 of Public Act 23-204, DEEP is required to “study the feasibility of, and recommend options for the provision of, public recreational access to the Batterson Park property located in the city of New Britain and the town of Farmington” in consultation with the city of Hartford and other interested municipalities. DEEP held three public input sessions in Farmington, Hartford, and New Britain and is accepting public comments on the Draft Batterson Park Study through December 18th via

Following are the documents associated with the public input sessions:

Notice and Registration for Public Input Sessions and Draft Batterson Park Study.


Offshore Wind and Zero Carbon Procurements - Notice of Request for Public Comment and Draft Request for Proposals

  • DEEP is conducting 2023 procurements for new zero carbon electricity generating resources and offshore wind to improve the reliability of the region’s electric grid while improving energy affordability.  Please view DEEP's Grid-Scale Procurements page for more information and to view the public notices requesting comments and the draft requests for proposals.  

Informational Meeting Regarding Air Quality Monitoring Projects in Hartford and East Hartford
  • DEEP will hold a public information meeting on Monday August 21, 2023, concerning air quality monitoring projects to be conducted in Hartford and East Hartford, beginning this summer. Download Notice and Register

Notice of Intent to Amend Air Quality Regulations and Revise the State Implementation Plan
  • NEW: Download Notice of comment period extension for Low NOx and ACT. 
    Comments will be accepted until 5 p.m. on August 30, 2023.
  • NEW: Download Notice of comment period extension for LEV IV and ACC II. 
    Comments will be accepted until 5 p.m. on August 30, 2023.
  • Notice to amend section 22a-174-36d and to adopt the regulatory infrastructure necessary to establish emission standards and electrification targets for medium and heavy- duty motor vehicles.  A public hearing will be held, if requested, on August 22, 2023.  Comments will be accepted until August 23, 2023. Download Notice

Note:  A hearing has been requested and will be held on August 22, 2023.  Please register at through the link provided in the Hearing Info ACCII.

  • Notice to amend section 22a-174-37 and to adopt the regulatory infrastructure necessary to establish emission standards and electrification targets for medium and heavy- duty motor vehicles.  A public hearing will be held, if requested, on August 22, 2023.  Comments will be accepted until August 23, 2023. Download Notice

Note:  A hearing has been requested and will be held on August 22, 2023.  Please register at through the link provided in the Hearing Info MHD NOx Omnibus and ACT.

Draft guidance memorandum regarding CEMS data averaging under CT NOx RACT rule
  • DEEP is voluntarily and informally seeking public comment on the draft guidance memorandum, “Acceptable use of diluent cap in reducing gaseous and/or liquid fuel-fired combustion turbine and boiler CEMS data to demonstrate compliance with RACT emission limitations under RCSA § 22a-174-22e.”  Comments should be sent by e-mail to Jacob Felton, Director, Air Enforcement Division at no later than June 23, 2023.

Bottle Bill Advisory Group
  • In order to maximize transparency and engagement with all stakeholders interested in Bottle Bill implementation, DEEP is announcing a continuation of the Bottle Bill stakeholder engagement process by forming a Bottle Bill Advisory Group that will meet regularly to receive updates and provide input on DEEP’s implementation of its responsibilities under Public Act 21-58. Learn more. A meeting will be held on July 24, 2023 at 1:00pm on ZOOM. Register here.

Comprehensive Materials Management Strategy (CMMS) Amendment

Request for Public Comment
  • The department is requesting public comment on stewardship plans submitted in accordance with Section 22a-905h of the Connecticut General Statutes. These plans outline the collection, transportation and processing of gas cylinders. Please submit any comments by August 11 by email to More information and the materials for review are available here

Public Meeting Concerning Development of Hazard Tree Mitigation Policy
  • The Department hosted a public meeting on March 15, 2022 at 6:00 PM EST via Zoom to receive comments from the public to assist the Department with its development of a hazard tree mitigation policy. View Public Notice comments here.

  • DEEP DRAFT Hazard Tree Mitigation Policy Posted. DEEP is notifying the public that the DRAFT Hazard Tree Mitigation Policy is available for review and DEEP is accepting comments through 11:59 PM on July 17th. View the public notice and policy here. View the emailed public comments and CEQ comments. The recorded public meeting from July 11, 2022 is also available for online viewing. Please note there is an unofficial computer generated transcript, which may contain typos.
  • DEEP FINAL Hazard Tree Mitigation Policy Posted. DEEP is notifying the public that the FINAL Hazard Tree Mitigation Policy is available for review. View the final public notice and policy here.
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