Integrated Water Planning Management 2

Thank you for attending the IWPM 2 Public Meeting on 1/16/2024. The presentation slides, the morning and evening public meeting session recordings are now available. Please submit your comments in writing by 2/16/2024 to

Overview of Integrated Water Planning Management

Integrated Water Planning Management (formerlknown as Integrated Water Resource Management) is a long-term Water Quality Planning approach that identifies waterbodies for Water Quality Action Plan (WQAP) development. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the States began a 10-year planning approach that shifted the focus from the rate at which WQAPs were developed and focused more on state specific water quality priorities and using the right tool to restore or protect surface waters. EPA referred to this process as the 303 (d) Vision. CT called this approach Integrated Water Resource Management, now called Integrated Water Planning Management (IWPM).

CTDEEP worked closely with existing / potential partnerships, active Environmental Groups and other stakeholders to choose priority topics and focus watershed areas using this methodology for IWPM Phase 1. The focus topics that were chosen for Action Plan development for restoration and protection through public engagement were:

diagram of topics that were chosen for IWPM1.Restoration and Protection Plans for Swimming and shellfishing,Nutrients in Lakes and Embayments, Fish and Wildlife healthSwimming and shellfishing

Nutrients in Lakes and Embayments

Fish and Wildlife health


Please refer to the IWPM Phase 1 website  for more information on how CT waterbodies were chosen for Action Plan Development.

IWPM Phase 2

CTDEEP is now in the 2nd phase of IWPM. The new 10-year planning period spans from October 2022 through September 2032. IWPM 2 will entail the same general process as IWPM 1. CTDEEP is recommending refining the topics that were outlined in IWPM 1 with a robust emphasis on Environmental Justice and Climate Change and recommending no new topics for IWMP 2. For more information on the proposed topics for IWPM 2.0 please refer to the IWPM Phase 2 Factsheet.


Infographic for IWPM 2 topics

Public Review, How to Get Involved

Comments are welcome on these water quality focus topics as well as waterbody locations, and other water resource information for consideration by CT DEEP. The Department is particularly interested in working with partners who have additional plans or data to help achieve water quality improvements.

Public comments will be collected from January 3, 2024, through February 16, 2024. Two public meetings were held on January 16th via Zoom. The Presentation slides, and the morning and evening public meeting recordings are now available. Written comments may be submitted through email or regular mail by February 16, 2024. Email comments are preferred andshould be submitted to:

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