The Connecticut Water Quality Standards and Classifications

CT Water Quality Standards and Classifications
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The Connecticut Water Quality Standards:

Why Do We Need Water Quality Standards



  • Address both surface and ground waters.
  • Are required by Section 303(c) of the federal Clean Water Act.
  • Convey State policies regarding designated uses and related classifications of Connecticut’s water resources.
  • Provide the criteria necessary to support designated uses.

The Water Quality Standards form the foundation of Connecticut’s water management programs, including:

The Connecticut Water Quality Standards Triennial Review

Know Your H2O

This process occurs every three years and provides an opportunity to:

  • Request public input on the Standards. 
  • Update the Standards to include the latest scientific understanding of water pollution effects.
  • Incorporate changes in state and federal law.

CT DEEP 2019 Triennial Review

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Content last updated on September 4, 2020.