Regulating Water Usage and Water Discharges

storm drain image
Stormwater Management

Learn how stormwater affects water quality
and how DEEP regulates stormwater pollution.
Find general permits for stormwater discharges
and guidance on proper stormwater
management for individuals and businesses.

combined sewer overflow
Municipal Wastewater

Find guidance and technical support for all
aspects of municipal wastewater treatment
projects, and view a map of all current and
past sewer bypass and combined sewer
overflow events.

industrial wastewater image
Industrial Wastewater

See the types of permits that are
available and the permitting requirements
for industrial wastewater discharges. Also
find information about industrial waste
treatment and monitoring.

Image of cattle crossing stream
Agricultural Wastewater

Find technical resources and guidance on best
practices for managing agricultural wastewater.
Also find information on financial assistance to
help farm businesses manage their farm waste.

septic system image
Subsurface Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems (Septic Systems)

See the types of permits that are
available and the permitting requirements
for different types of subsurface sewage
disposal systems.

lake image
Aquifer Protection Program

Connecticut’s Aquifer Protection Area
Program works to protect the state's major
public water supply wells in sand and gravel
aquifers. View an interactive map of the state's
aquifer protection areas, and access program 
guidance materials, as well as online
technical training.

water diversion
Water Diversion

Find information on the permit requirements
for water diversions and withdrawals under the
Water Diversion Policy Act, and access public
water supply area maps.

Permits and Licenses

Access all permit and license forms and instructions.

Content Last Updated January 29, 2020