Water Monitoring Program Overview

A brown trout is measured by DEEP staff.CT DEEP's Long Island Sound water quality monitoring vessel, the John Dempsey."No Swimming" sign posted at a beach closed due to high bacteria counts.

The DEEP Water Monitoring Group conducts annual water quality monitoring to evaluate the physical, chemical and biological condition of the State’s waters.  Staff collect a wide variety and large quantity of information each year, including water chemistry data, water temperature data, bacteria data, biological community data (fish, macro-invertebrates, diatoms) and tissue contaminant data. With this information, DEEP is able to:
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of pollution control programs,
  • Study water quality trends, 
  • Determine the impacts of pollution events, 
  • Explore existing and new water quality problems, and
  • Investigate citizen complaints.  

In addition, the Water Monitoring Group plays a critical role in insuring the State meets federal requirements to document the condition of the state's water bodies.  Under the Federal Clean Water Act, every two years Connecticut is required to report on the condition of the state's aquatic resources by submitting an Integrated Water Quality Report to US EPA. 

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Mary Becker
Water Monitoring and Assessment Program
79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT 06106
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Content last updated May 24, 2022.