Office of Adjudications

Proposed and Final Decisions

Permit Cases

Certain activities that may impact the state‚Äôs natural resources and the environment are regulated through the issuance of permits that control the activity in a manner that is protective of the environment.  When a hearing on a permit application is held, the adjudicatory process determines whether the permit is granted or denied.

Order Cases

The DEEP enforces certain environmental laws and regulations by issuing administrative orders to address actual or potential sources of pollution or other environmental harms. Recipients of orders may appeal; an adjudicatory hearing determines whether or not an order is affirmed.

License/Certification Revocation/Suspension

The DEEP issues certain professional and occupational licenses as well as licenses for certain activities such as hunting and fishing. The DEEP also issues certificates for actions such as the operation of a boat or personal watercraft. Licenses or certificates may be revoked or suspended following the opportunity for an adjudicatory hearing.

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