Staff Telephone Directory

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Aikpokpodion, Paul (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8547:

Albertini, Dianne F. (Administration) 203-974-8445:
Ammirata, Michael A. (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8455:
Anagnostakis, Sandra L. (Plant Pathology and Ecology) (Emeritus) Cell: 203-988-2073:
Anderson, John F. (Entomology) (Emeritus) 203-974-8564:
Andreadis, Theodore G. (Entomology(Emeritus) 774-487-1947:

Argraves, Adam (Plant Pathology and Ecology) 203-974-8612:
Armstrong, Philip M. (Entomology) 203-974-8510:
Arsenault, Terri (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8570:

Ashraf, Hina (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8552:
Aulakh, Jatinder S. (Valley Laboratory) 860-683-4984:

Aylor, Donald E. (Plant Pathology and Ecology) (Emeritus):


Barsky, Joseph P. (Environmental Science and Forestry) 203-974-8540:

Bharadwaj, Anuja (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8457: 

Blevins, Tia M. (Entomology) 203-974-8468:
Bomba-Lewandoski, Vickie M. (Administration) 203-974-8447:
Brackney, Douglas E. (Entomology) 203-974-8475:
Bransfield, Angela B. (Entomology) 203-974-8575:

Brown, Jessica E. (Environmental Science and Forestry) 203-974-8528:
Bugbee, Gregory J. (Environmental Science and Forestry) 203-974-8512:

Bui, Trung (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8456:


Cahill, Meghan S. (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8470:
Cantoni, Jamie L. (Entomology) 203-974-8533:
Cecarelli, Richard M. (Lockwood Farm) 203-974-8618:
Cheah, Carole A. (Valley Laboratory) 860-683-4980:

Cowles, Richard S. (Valley Laboratory) 860-683-4983:
Cozens, Duncan W. (Entomology) 203-974-8617:


da Silva, Washington L. (Plant Pathology and Ecology) 203-974-8546:

Deng, Chaoyi (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8449:
Dimkpa, Christian (Chris) O. (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8523:

Doherty, Riley S. (Environmental Science and Forestry) 203-974-8469:

Donovan, John (Maintenance) 203-974-8448:
Douglas, Sharon M. (Plant Pathology and Ecology) (Emeritus)
Dugas, Katherine D. (Entomology) 203-974-8506:
Durgy, Robert J. (Griswold Research Center) 860-376-0365:

Dweck, Hany K. (Entomology) 203-974-8531:


Eitzer, Brian D. (Analytical Chemistry) (Emeritus) 203-974-8453:
Elmer, Wade H. (Plant Pathology and Ecology) (Emeritus) 203-974-8503:


Fairbrother, Kelly A. (Administration) 203-974-8443:

Fengler, Jeffrey M. (Valley Laboratory) 860-285-7418:
Ferrandino, Francis J. (Plant Pathology and Ecology) (Emeritus) 203-974-8504:

Fisher, Kelsey E. (Entomology) 203-974-8561:

Foley, Jeremiah R. IV (Environmental Science and Forestry) 203-974-8569:



Gent, Martin P. N. (Environmental Science and Forestry) (Emeritus):

Giesbrecht, David (Entomology) 203-974-8458:

Gillespie, Breahna (Entomology):

Gloria-Soria, Andrea (Entomology) 203-974-8471:


Hannan Jr., Rollin J. (Lockwood Farm): 203-974-8618

Hiskes, Rose T. (Valley Laboratory) 860-683-4977 ext. 1:  

Huntley, Regan B. (Plant Pathology and Ecology) 203-974-8462:



Indinda, Godfrey N. (Entomology) 203-974-8535:



Johnson, Rebecca (Entomology) 203-974-8535:

Jones, Jasmine (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8550:


Kaczenski, Lisa L. (Administration) 203-974-8446: 

Kaur, Mandeep (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8450:
Keriö, Susanna (Environmental Science and Forestry)
Khalil, Noelle (Entomology) 203-974-8520:

Krol, Walter J. (Analytical Chemistry) (Emeritus) 203-974-8456:


LaFrazier, Ronald A. (Maintenance) 203-974-8525
LaMondia, James A. (Valley Laboratory) (Emeritus) 860-683-4982:
LaReau, Jacquelyn (Environmental Science and Forestry) 203-974-8615:
Last, Michael P. (Administration) 203-974-8442:
Li, DeWei (Valley Laboratory) 860-683-4979:
Li, Yonghao (Plant Pathology and Ecology) 203-974-8565:

Linske, Megan A. (Entomology) 203-974-8490:

Liquori, Joseph (Plant Pathology and Ecology) 203-974-8597:

Lizon, Justin (Administration) 203-974-8444:


Maier, Chris T. (Entomology) (Emeritus) 203-974-8476: 

Marra, Robert E. (Plant Pathology and Ecology) 203-974-8508:
Mattina, MaryJane Incorvia (Analytical Chemistry) (Emeritus):
Maynard, Abigail A. (Environmental Science and Forestry) (Emeritus):
McHale, Neil A. (Plant Pathology and Ecology) (Emeritus)

Millett, Felicia (Plant Pathology and Ecology) 203-974-8505:
Misencik, Michael J. (Entomology) 203-974-8614:

Mohapatra, Amrita R. (Entomology) 203-974-8467:
Molaei, Goudarz (Entomology) 203-974-8487:

Musante, Craig L. (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8454:

Muthuramalingam, Raja (Plant Pathology and Ecology):


Nason, Sara L. (Environmental Science and Forestry) 203-974-8463:



Paine, Ethan (Valley Laboratory) 860-683-4977:

Palmieri, Brian (Maintenance) 203-974-8525:

Patel, Ravikumar R. (Plant Pathology and Ecology) 203-974-8530:

Pavlicevic, Milica (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8551:

Peterson, Richard B. (Plant Pathology and Ecology) (Emeritus)
Petruff, Tanya A. (Entomology) 203-974-8517:
Pignatello, Joseph J. (Environmental Science and Forestry) (Emeritus) 203-974-8518:
Prapayotin-Riveros, Kitty (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8488:
Preste, James J. (Valley Laboratory) 860-683-4981:

Qaseem, Mirza Faisal (Environmental Science and Forestry) 203-974-8515:


Ranciato, John F. (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8608:
Rathier, Thomas M. (Valley Laboratory) (Emeritus) 860-683-4977:

Ricker, Jacob (Entomology) 203-974-8483:
Riddle, Diane C. (Valley Laboratory) 860-683-4977 ext. 2:   
Ridge, Gale E. (Entomology) 203-974-8478; (Insect Inquiry Office) 203-974-8600:

Rivera, Natalie (Director's Office) 203-974-8441:

Rocha, Raquel (Plant Pathology and Ecology) 203-974-8496:
Roman, Miguel (Maintenance) 203-974-8525

Rutledge, Claire E. (Entomology) 203-974-8484: 


Salvas, Michelle R. (Valley Laboratory) 860-683-4977:

Schultes, Neil P. (Plant Pathology and Ecology) 203-974-8464:
Shabtai, Itamar (Environmental Science and Forestry) 203-974-8532:

Shepard, John J. (Entomology) 203-974-8543:
Smith, Victoria L. (Entomology) 203-974-8474:
Stafford, Kirby C. III (Entomology) (Emeritus) 203-974-8485:
Stebbins, Summer (Environmental Science and Forestry) 203-974-8545:
Steven, Blaire T. (Environmental Science and Forestry) 203-974-8461:
Stoner, Kimberly A. (Entomology) (Emeritus) 203-974-8480:
Stuber, Heidi R. (Entomology) 203-287-1259:


Taerum, Stephen J. (Plant Pathology and Ecology) 203-974-8460:
Tamez, Carlos (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8453:

Tirado, Joshua (Administration) 203-974-8544:

Tittikpina, Nassifatou (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8527:

Toth, Joseph (Lockwood Farm) 203-974-8618
Triplett, Lindsay R. (Plant Pathology and Ecology) 203-974-8611:





Vitelli, Austin (Entomology) 203-974-8481:

Vossbrinck, Charles R. (Environmental Science and Forestry) (Emeritus):



Wang, Yi (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8457:
Wang, Zhengyang "Philip" (Environmental Science and Forestry) 203-974-8548:

Ward, Elisabeth B. (Environmental Science and Forestry) 203-974-8486:
Ward, Jeffrey S. (Environmental Science and Forestry) (Emeritus) 203-974-8495:

Westrick, Nathaniel (Valley Laboratory) 860-687-4763:
White, Jason C. (Administration) 203-974-8440:

Whittinghill, Leigh J. (Environmental Science and Forestry) 203-974-8489:
Williams, Scott C. (Environmental Science and Forestry) 203-974-8609:


Xue, Qi (Entomology) 203-974-8458:


Yu, Yingxue "Charlie" (Environmental Science and Forestry) 203-974-8522:

Yuan, Jing (Environmental Science and Forestry):


Zarrillo, Tracy A. (Entomology) 203-974-8473:
Zeng, Quan (Plant Pathology and Ecology) 203-974-8613:

Zhou, Jingyi (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8482:
Zuverza-Mena, Nubia (Analytical Chemistry) 203-974-8459: