2014 Formal Opinions

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  • Formal Opinion 2014-001, Attorney General, State of Connecticut

    The State Victim Advocate seeks advice regarding the authority of the Department of Correction to grant supervised release, and the Board of Pardons & Paroles to grant parole release to inmates whose convictions include a mandatory minimum sentence of incarceration, prior to the completion of the minimum mandatory sentence in a penal institution.

  • Formal Opinion 2014-002, Attorney General, State of Connecticut

    What is the proper treatment of applicants to the Judicial Selection Committee for consideration for Judicial nomination by candidates who have previously served as Superior Court judges, but resigned.

  • Formal Opinion 2014-003, Attorney General, State of Connecticut

    Guarantees and surety bonds executed as described in R.C.S.A. §§ 22a-449(d)-109(g) and 22a-449(d)-109(i), respectively, are valid and enforceable in Connecticut if the guarantee or surety contract satisfies the requirements of the Connecticut UST Regulations, it meets all the elements of a valid contract and the contract is either made in this State by an authorized insurer or if made by an entity other than an authorized insurer, is merely incidental to legitimate business or activity of the guarantor or surety.

  • Formal Opinion 2014-004, Attorney General, State of Connecticut

    Hon. Denise L. Nappier asked for a formal opinion with regard to the applicability of certain provisions of Conn. Gen. Stat. § 7-374c, which governs the issuance of municipal pension deficit funding bonds, to bonds that the City of West Haven (City) is proposing to issue to refund its previously issued pension deficit funding bonds.

  • Formal Opinion 2014-005, Attorney General, State of Connecticut

    Under CGS 10-183b(26) and 10-183b(20), is a superintendent statutorily authorized to be "reemployed" in a "school district identified as a priority school district" while receiving retirement benefits from the Teachers' Retirement System.

  • Formal Opinion 2014-006, Attorney General, State of Connecticut

    Local municipal zoning requirements and approvals do not apply to the property owned by the state.

  • Formal Opinion 2014-007, Attorney General, State of Connecticut

    Connecticut General Statutes Section 12-81(20) does not require an applicant to have served in the armed services during wartime in order to qualify for the property tax exemption created by that subsection.

  • Formal Opinion 2014-008, Attorney General, State of Connecticut

    The Department of Administrative Services may enter into contracts for all types of services pursuant to the power granted to it by Title 4a, Chap. 58 of the Connecticut General Statutes.