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Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin Launch Icon
The Sitecore Recycle Bin works just like your computer's recycle bin. Any item deleted, be it a folder, page, image, or document file, will be moved to this area indefinitely. Items will not be deleted from the Recycle Bin unless a System Administrator manually deletes the items.

NOTE: The Recycle Bin is global, meaning that every deleted item from all Agencies in Sitecore will be displayed


The Recycle Bin screen appears with the following functions:
Recycle Bin Ribbon Functions

  • Restore: Restores the item(s) to it’s original location in Sitecore
  • Delete: Deletes item(s) from the Recycle Bin permanently. NOTE: Take caution when perform this function. There is no easy way to recover items once they’ve been permanently deleted from Sitecore’s Recycle Bin.
  • Empty: Deletes every item listed NOTE: Do NOT perform this function!
  • Refresh: Refreshes the list of items
  • Show Versions: Displays the versions of the selected item(s) below the list.

Below that is a list of deleted items with a Search bar to the right.
Recycle Bin Page

Restore a Deleted File