Coaching Permit Renewal


The steps and approximate timeline for the coaching permit renewal process are as follows:
Step 1

Register and complete the required 15 clock hours of coaching education and concussion refresher courses through the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC), and CPR and First Aid certification courses.

Please Note: CPR and first aid courses completed in an “online only” format cannot be accepted for a coaching permit.

Step 2

Complete the online application or paper-based form: ED185. In addition you are required to mail all documentation listed in step 1.

Step 3

Mail required documents and the ED 185 application to the CSDE. Important Note: Emailed or faxed applications and forms with signatures cannot be accepted.


Standard processing of coaching application is 6-8 weeks from the original date of submission.

Registration for Mandatory Courses

Concussion Refresher Course


15 Clock Hours of CEU Module Courses