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Connecticut is proud of its dedicated and innovative educators, and is eager to attract new teachers and other educational professionals to our schools. Whether you are a student in an educator preparation program, a veteran educator coming from another state, or a Connecticut teacher seeking a new certificate, we hope this page answers your questions.

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Did you know that you may be able to cross endorse in selected subject areas?

Cross endorsement in an academic shortage area (Section 8b):

Educators who hold an initial, provisional or professional level certificate in a teaching area may add another teaching endorsement (cross endorsement) to an existing certificate in select designated shortage areas by obtaining a passing score on the appropriate subject area assessment(s). Additional coursework is no longer required. This provision only applies to secondary level content area endorsements in the following designated shortage areas: Mathematics, Science, and World Languages, and Technology Education (PK-12). It does not apply to Bilingual, TESOL, Special Education, School Library Media, or Speech Language Pathology.

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Did you know?

The online Connecticut Educator Certification System (C.E.C.S.) allows you to check the status or print unofficial copies of your certificates and permits, apply and pay fees online, and get up-to-the-minute information about your application(s).

Connecticut participates in the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) Interstate Agreement (NIA). Under this agreement, to waive specific coursework requirements, Connecticut may accept completion of a state-approved educator preparation program at a regionally accredited college or university from another US state, or a minimum of 30 months of successful full-time experience under the other state’s valid educator certificate (at least equivalent to a Connecticut initial educator certificate), appropriate to the subject area being requested. To be considered, the experience must be completed within ten years of the date of application for Connecticut certification.

The interstate agreement does not exempt candidates from degree, testing and/or experiential requirements applicable to the requested certification endorsement. Candidates who do not qualify for Connecticut certification under the terms of the interstate agreement must meet all of Connecticut’s requirements for the endorsement requested, including coursework.

Connecticut does not participate in the interstate agreement for administrative endorsements.

For more details please see the Obtaining Connecticut Educator Certification guide.