Shopping with WIC

Attention: Starting June 1st WIC participants over the age of 1 will be getting extra benefits to buy fruits and vegetables this summer. WIC participants will receive $35 to buy fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables in June, July, August & September 2021. The extra benefits are good for this limited time only so make sure to use all your benefits before they expire. Reminder: WIC benefits are good for 30 days and do not roll over into the next month if unused. For questions about the extra fruit and vegetable benefit call your WIC office. For recipe ideas go to the Yummy Recipes tab on the WICShopper app.

Atención: Empezando e1 1ro de Junio participantes de WIC de 1 año de edad en adelante obtendrán beneficios extras para comprar frutas y vegetales durante el verano. Los participantes de WIC van a recibir $35 para comprar frutas y vegetales frescos, congelados y enlatados en Junio, Julio, Agosto y Septiembre del 2021. Los beneficios extras son sólo por tiempo limitado así que asegúrese de usar todos sus beneficios antes de que expiren. Recordatorio: Los beneficios WIC están vigentes por 30 dias y no se pasan al siguiente mes si no se usan. Si tiene preguntas en cuanto a los beneficios extras para frutas y vegetales, llame a su oficina WIC. Para obtener ideas de recetas vaya a recetas sabrosas (Yummy Recipes) en WICShopper app.

Each family member enrolled in WIC gets a monthly food package designed to meet their nutritional needs. The amounts and types of foods depend on if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and the age of your infant or child.


Use your family’s Connecticut eWIC card throughout the month to purchase your WIC foods at the grocery store. The eWIC card works just like a debit card but is specific to your WIC food account. 


Benefits provided on the eWIC card are good for 30 days and do not roll over if unused. Remember to watch your WIC benefit start and end dates and to purchase all your WIC items by midnight on your benefit end date. Smart shopping and healthy eating habits can help stretch your benefits to maximize value for your family. To learn more, click on the Maximizing your WIC and SNAP benefits flyer found at the bottom of the page.


Please note: Although pharmacies are listed on the WIC Authorized Vendor List they can only be used to purchase formula and nutritional supplements.

Click on Where to Shop with WIC to find the complete list of vendors. You can also find a list of vendors on the WICShopper app under the WIC Stores tab or for the most up-to-date list of vendors.

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