How to Check Your Balance

Know your WIC food balance before you go to the store

Your benefit start date is the first day you may use your current month’s benefits (30 days). This date (Benefit Start Date) is the same for all family members receiving WIC and is the date you began receiving WIC benefits on your eWIC card. Your benefits expire at 11:59pm of the last day to use your benefits. For example, if your benefits begin on 1/20/2020 you have until 11:59pm on 2/19/2020 to use them otherwise you will lose that month’s benefits.
You can stretch your grocery budget and save money by buying all your WIC foods each month.  It is helpful to keep track of your purchases and to know what you have available BEFORE you go shopping. 

How to Check Your Balance

Cómo verificar su saldo de WIC


There are several ways to check your remaining WIC food balance before you go shopping:

  1. Check your balance using the WICShopper mobile app. 
  2. Check your last receipt for the ending WIC benefit balance. The “ending” balance listed is what you have left in each food item. If you’re not likely to save the receipt, take a picture of it with your phone.
  3. Go online to, select Connecticut WIC and log in. The first time you visit the site you’ll need to create an account with a new User ID and Password. 
  4. Call 855.222.0510 (this number is on the back of your WIC card). Enter your 16-digit WIC card number, and the automated system will tell you what you have left in each food category.
At the store you can go to the Customer Service area where you shop and ask for an account balance inquiry for your card or ask the cashier for a balance inquiry before any items are scanned.