Where to Shop with WIC

Where can I shop with my eWIC card?

  • Look at the WIC Authorized Vendor list your local WIC office provided or visit the WIC Stores tab on the WICShopper app. Check your Approved Vendor list or ask a customer service representative at the store if they accept WIC.
  • Some stores may have the WIC logo on the door or front window letting you know that they accept WIC.
  • You can use your eWIC card at any WIC authorized grocery store in Connecticut.

Please note: Although pharmacies are listed on the WIC Authorized Vendor List, they can only be used to purchase formula and nutritional supplements.

Several ShopRite grocery stores provide online ordering with the option to pay-at-store with your eWIC card.  Please refer to the ShopRite from Home document HERE for a list of ShopRite store locations that offer this service.  Online ordering store locations are subject to change.  Please refer to the ShopRite website or app for the most updated pay-at-store locations.  Additionally, some ShopRite stores allow self-checkout for eWIC purchases.  Ask customer service if this is allowed at your local ShopRite store. 

In all Stop and Shop stores, all self-checkout registers are available for contactless purchases.  

In all Walmart stores, all self-checkout registers are available for contactless purchases.

For a current list of authorized WIC vendors visit the Retailers webpage.

Know the Checkout Where You Shop 

Conozca el sistema de pago donde compra


Large Chain Grocery Stores

The large chain grocery stores allow for a mixed basket transaction meaning you don't need to separate your WIC items from other groceries. By swiping your WIC card as the first form of payment your WIC eligible items will be deducted from your WIC account; any remaining items are paid for after using another form of payment (SNAP/TFA, credit/debit card or cash). Be sure to use lanes with cashiers.

Small/Medium Grocery Stores

Some smaller stores cannot process WIC and non-WIC items together. You will need to complete your WIC transaction separately.

Put your WIC items on the counter/belt first and let the cashier know you are making a WIC purchase.

You must swipe your WIC card and enter your PIN before any items are scanned for the WIC transaction to work correctly.