Open Enrollment for WIC Authorization Announcement

Due to ongoing technical issues with the Connecticut WIC vendor portal, Retailer Open Enrollment will begin on February 1, 2021.  In the days prior to February 1, 2021 a link to the Open Enrollment webpage will be posted to this space.  Prior to that, the CT WIC Program would like any interested vendor to email Maria Reyes at of their intention to apply when Open Enrollment begins.  


Attention: COVID-19 Announcement

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the Connecticut WIC Program has made emergency additions to the Approved Food List that will last for the duration of the crisis. 

Please review this bulletin and the additional UPCs with all store employees handling WIC transactions. 

  COVID-19 Food Additions bulletin-Spanish

  COVID-19 Food Additions bulletin-English

  COVID-19 Food Additions UPC List

If you have questions or concerns please contact the State WIC Office via email


For currently authorized vendors, the 2020 Renewal application period for vendor authorization in the Connecticut WIC Program has been CLOSED.  For vendors whose current authorization period ends on September 30, 2021, information about Renewal 2021 will be available here beginning on April 15, 2021. 

For vendors wishing to become WIC authorized, the 2020 Open Enrollment period for vendor authorization in the Connecticut WIC Program is now CLOSED.   When the next opportunity to become an authorized WIC vendor is announced information related to that process will be posted here.  



Click on the following link for the WIC Vendor Agreement.  The vendor agreement does not constitute a license or a property interest. The agreement is in effect for the stated time period only.


You must meet the required minimum inventory at all times, click on the following link to view the Minimum Inventory Requirements:


Minimum Inventory Requirements


Minimum Inventory Checklist


Click on the following link for the WIC Vendor Food Card


Connecticut has more than 390 authorized Grocery stores and more than 200 authorized Pharmacy Only Stores.


Click on the following link for a list of our authorized vendors:

Authorized Vendor Listing by Town October 2020


Retailer Bulletins for October 2019-September 2020: 

April 2020 COVID-19 Food Additions

  Spanish version

  Food Additions UPC List

January 2020 Additions to the WIC Approved Product List (APL)

  Spanish version

November 2019 Vendor Agreement Changes

November 2019 WIC Shopper App

Retailer Bulletins for October 2018-September 2019: 

July 2019 Approved Product List Changes

March 2019

December 2018 Minimum Inventory

December 2018 Infant Foods

November 2018 FY2019 Vendor Agreement

November 2018 Yogurt Added to the APL 

Retailer Bulletins for October 2017-September 2018: 

September 2018 Minimum Inventory Update

July 2018 On line Application/Changes to Vendor Agreement  

March 2018 Redemption Data

January 2018 Changes to the Vendor Agreement

December 2017 Updating Prices in POS Stand Beside Machines

Infant Formula Supplier List 
An authorized WIC vendor must purchase infant formula from the list of certified distributors provided by the WIC program. You must purchase infant formula from the distributors found on the list linked here.  Infant Formula Suppliers List

WIC Approved Contract and Specialized Formula listing: Formula Resources

Stand beside equipment vendors: Click on the following link to watch a video for Conduent Stand beside Machine equipment set-up:

CDE Stand Beside equipment information: CDE letter CDE Bulletin


Click on the following link below for a quick reference to your stand beside equipment: Quick Reference guide


For eWIC information, click here: eWIC for Vendors


Click on the following link for the WIC Program Federal Regulations:




WIC Vendor Agreement


  Training Materials

WIC Vendor Advisory Council




State of Connecticut WIC Program

1-800-741-2142 or 860-509-8084