The following supervisory contingencies are to be in place. The graduate nurse:
May not be considered as staff to meet the Public Health Code requirements;

Cannot accept charge responsibilities;

May not take verbal orders;

Must be the second nurse on a nursing care unit;

Must be under the immediate supervision of a registered nurse (on the same unit);

May transcribe medication orders if the following criteria are met:
Policies and procedures are in place;

An organized staff development program which includes skill validation has been successfully completed; and 

transcription is co-signed by a registered nurse
May administer medications once competency has been validated by the facility (under the supervision of a registered nurse who is on the same unit); and

Co-signing by a licensed nurse of controlled substances proof of use sheets is not required.
This is not a Declaratory Ruling, nor is it binding on any party. The Connecticut Board of Examiners in Nursing will not be precluded from adjudicating the issue in a contested case forum should the necessity arise.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Department's Practitioner Licensing and Investigations Section (860) 509-7552 or via email to