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Connecticut Vaccine Program (CVP)

The ConnectMother and Babyicut Vaccine Program is Connecticut’s childhood vaccination program. It ensures all children in the state get the vaccinations they need, when they need them, to stay healthy.

Finding a Connecticut Vaccine Program (CVP) Provider

There are hundreds of health care providers enrolled in the Connecticut Vaccine Program (CVP) throughout the state. Contact your health care provider to see if they're enrolled or call (860) 509-7929 to find a CVP provider near you.

How the Program Works

The state buys vaccine at the lowest possible price through a government contract, and gives the vaccines at no cost to clinics, private doctors, and other health care providers. These providers then vaccinate children without charging patients for the cost of the vaccine (health care providers may still charge an administration fee). Without this program, some insurance companies may not cover the full cost of vaccine, making it too expensive for some families. 


Vaccines Supplied by the CVP Program          


Expanding Access to VaccinesParents and child

A new law (Public Act 12 – 1) created the Connecticut Vaccine Program (CVP). It requires health care providers who give pediatric vaccines to get the vaccines through the state in most cases. By buying more vaccines from the federal contract, we can get more vaccine to Connecticut children at a lower cost. Through the CVP, children in Connecticut can now get three new vaccines:

1. pneumococcal conjugate

2. influenza (flu)

3. Hepatitis A

These three vaccines are needed for children to be enrolled in day care, and vaccination for both Hepatitis A and influenza are needed for pre-kindergarten enrollment.


Why vaccines are important to you and your family

Immunizations have had a big impact on making children in the United States healthier. Most parents today have never seen first-hand the effects that vaccine-preventable diseases can have on a family or community. While these diseases are not common in the U.S., they are still common in parts of the world. It is important that we continue to protect our children with vaccines because outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases can, and sometimes do, happen in this country.


Good For Your Children — Good for Connecticut

The CVP helps make sure that all Connecticut children get the immunizations they need by the age of 2 years old. This is important because serious illness is most likely to happen in the first two years of a child’s life. By getting more children vaccinated against vaccine-preventable diseases, all of which can be serious, we help to improve the health of everyone in Connecticut.


Information for Parents

The CVP Parent Page provides information just for parents which includes how vaccines work, where to get your child vaccinated, and when you should get your child vaccinated.


Information for Providers

Information for providers including enrollment forms, patient eligibility criteria and communication memos can be found on the CVP Provider Page.


Reported Discrepancy Reports

2014 and 2013 zero forms were sent in from providers not receiving a full order of a requested vaccine. This does not include one form that was sent in from a provider who received a partial order of a vaccine in short supply nationwide (Pentacel). The provider was called to remind them that they were notified on several occasions of the nationwide shortage and that the CVP would only be able to provide them with a percentage of their Pentacel request based on the monthly allocation the CVP received from the Centers For Disease Control & Prevention. Those notifications also mentioned for providers to be sure to order other comparable vaccines that were available in lieu of the Pentacel. The provider stated that they were instructed by the state chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics to send the form in to the CVP. CVP Discrepancy Form


Questions or Feedback? We want to know!

If you have questions or feedback regarding vaccinating your child or about the CVP, contact the Connecticut Immunization Program at (860) 509-7929 or via email at dph.immunizations@ct.gov.


Additional Information:

Vaccine Purchase Fund 

Public Act No. 13-234 10/1/2021 (pdf)

Vaccine Purchase Fund

Public Act No. 13-234 10/1/2020 (pdf)

Vaccine Purchase Fund

Public Act No. 13-234 10/1/2019 (pdf)

Vaccine Purchase Fund

Public Act No. 13-234 10/1/2018 (pdf)

Vaccine Purchase Fund

Public Act No. 13-234 10/1/2017 (pdf)

Vaccine Purchase Fund

Public Act No. 13-234 10/1/2016 (pdf)

Vaccine Purchase Fund
Public Act No. 13-234 9/1/2015 (pdf)

Vaccine Purchase Fund
Public Act No. 13-234 10/1/2014 (pdf)

Vaccine Purchase Fund
Public Act No. 13-234, 9/25/13 (pdf) 


For more information or to contact the Immunization Program, please call: 
860-509-7929, during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm


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