Resources For School Nurses

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)                             elementary school children in front of a blackboard

School VaxView for Schools Administrators and School Nurses

This website includes resources for:

  • Accessing data on vaccine coverage for each state
  • Educating parents about vaccines and their importance
  • Helping parents find immunization records
  • Translating foreign immunization records
  • Accessing and sharing student immunization records

2021-2022 Immunization Requirements 

For Enrolled Students in Connecticut Schools (DPH)


CT WiZ School Nurses

View this page to review training materials that support school nurses in using CT WiZ.

  • Search for students’ immunization histories.
  • View the recommender of due and overdue immunizations.
  • View and print official immunization records.
  • Manage student rosters to verify that students meet school immunization entry requirements.
Vaccine-Preventable Disease Tile Infographics (CDC)

This website provides clear, easy to understand graphics on vaccine preventable diseases such as the one seen here.

 CDC poster describing pneumococcal disease


Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) Responding to Parents

Schools nurse and parents sitting and discussing

The Immunization Action Coalition provides a wealth of useful information on immunization including resources for responding to parents on this page. The page includes IAC resources and links to resources for parents on other sites (CDC, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Vaccinate Your Family).  It includes handouts, slides, articles, videos and Spanish language material.


National Association of School Nurses Immunization 

Position Statement


Measles Information for Nurses in a School Setting Video Link (DPH) 

Due to the heightened concern about measles in the United States, the DPH Immunization Program has created a brief video that addresses many common questions and concerns that school nurses may have about measles. Topics covered include:  background information on measles, vaccination recommendations, case investigation, and management of exposed contacts in a school setting.