How to Re-Enroll in CVP or CVFA

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Re-enrollment for existing providers is conducted annually October through December. New providers can enroll in the program at any time. All re-enrollments are done electronically in CT WiZ.


All public and private health care providers who receive vaccines from the Connecticut Vaccine Program (CVP) or the Connecticut Vaccine for Adults (CVFA) Program must re-enroll annually, electronically in CT WiZ. Annual re-enrollment provides updated shipping information and helps determine the amount of vaccines to be supplied.


Please review before you proceed:



Need additional help completing re-enrollment?

  • Review the Re-Enrollment Tips.
  • Note: The primary and backup vaccine coordinator must complete the required trainings for this year's re-enrollment, as they are different trainings from last year.

Note: The current 2024 re-enrollment is for Connecticut's pediatric vaccine program (referred to as the CVP) and adult (referred to as CVFA) administered by the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Enrollment and Re-Enrollment