Provider Profile Enrollment/Re-enrollment

How Do I Enroll/Re-enroll in CVP?

Re-enrollment for existing providers is annually October through December. New providers can join the program at any time. All enrollments/re-enrollments are done electronically directly in CT WiZ.

All public and private health care providers who receive vaccine from the Connecticut Vaccine Program (CVP) must re-enroll electronically in CT WiZ. This enrollment provides shipping information and helps to determine the amount of vaccine to be supplied. The enrollment is also used to compare estimated vaccine needs with actual vaccine supply. The Connecticut Vaccine Program will keep this record in CT WiZ with the SIGNED “Provider Agreement". The Provider Profile must be updated annually or if there are changes to your patient enrollment and insurance status. Any updates to clinic information such as: address, delivery hours, or staff can be made directly in CT WiZ. Complete one Provider Profile for each office/site/satellite office.

A few things before you proceed:

Complete Re-enrollment

To re-enroll, log into CT WiZ. In the left menu, click on “Clinic Tools” and then "Enrollments" to complete the process.

Please remember that the Physician Signing the Agreement (or equivalent) must log into CT WiZ to electronically sign the agreement. The primary coordinator cannot sign the agreement for the physician.

The required training for the primary and back-up coordinators was to attend the September 21, 2021 CVP Webinar. If you were unable to attend, please view the recording.

CVP Fall Webinar Recording

CVP Fall Webinar Questions and Answers 

Need help completing the enrollment?

Review these "Tips" to help you complete it faster.

Ask your questions by attending CoVP/CVP Enrollment Office Hours every Monday from 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm
These sessions provide CVP and COVID-19 Vaccinating providers information about the enrollment process in CT WiZ. 

 Click To Join: CoVP/CVP CT WiZ Enrollment OfficeHours

New Provider Enrollment

If you are a new provider joining the CVP Program, please fill out the New Provider Enrollment Form and e-mail to dph.immunizations@ct.govOnce we receive this form, a member of our staff will review the information and contact you. In order to be an approved CVP provider, you must receive a new enrollment visit by a DPH staff member. This visit will review the following:
  • All requirements of the program per CDC and the State of Connecticut (Blue Folder)
  • All storage units that will store CVP vaccines: Refrigerator(s) and Freezer(s)
  • A data logger in each unit as well as a backup data logger.
  • At least 72 hours of stable temperatures. If this is not available at the time of the visit, temperature logs will be required to be sent to DPH before approval of clinic.
For Public Health Departments and Federally Qualified Health Care Centers (FQHC's) who are enrolling in the CVP for adult patients ages 19 years and older please complete the Adult New provider Enrollment FormOnce approved, clinics can request access to CT WiZ and complete the enrollment process. A DPH staff member will contact you for CT WiZ training.

Supporting Documentation

Fall Webinar recording

Vaccines for Children (VFC) video

Keys To Storing Your Vaccine Supply video.

CT WiZ Clinic Notifications

Re-enrollment Status/Help

The re-enrollment is only open until the specified closed date in December.  If the re-enrollment is not completed by this date, your clinic will be suspended from the program. When a clinic is suspended from the CVP, they are no longer able to receive vaccines until all outstanding issues are resolved. If you have any questions about re-enrolling, and have reviewed all documents on this page, please submit a helpdesk ticket. A member of the DPH staff will contact you in a timely manner.
 Clinic Changes
If your clinic has changes throughout the year such as address or staff changes, you can make the updates directly in CT WiZ.
  • Login with your CT WiZ username and password.
  • Click here for the CT WiZ Training on how to process the change.