Paramedic Licensure by Examination

Before applying for certification, please familiarize yourself with the general certification/licensure policies
In order to be eligible for paramedic licensure by examination, an applicant shall:
  • Successfully complete an OEMS approved paramedic training program.
  • Successfully complete the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) Paramedic Psychomotor and Cognitive examination.
  • Successful completion of a Mental Health First Aid training program by a National Council for Behavioral Health (NCBH) certified instructor.

Documentation Requirements

Applicants must submit the following to the Office of Emergency Medical Services:

  • A completed online Connecticut Paramedic application and fee in the amount of $150.00.  Applications are only being accepted online.  Paper applications are not accepted.  Please select this link to apply online. Instructions regarding the e-license website registration and how to complete the application can be found by downloading the instructional PDF.  Please do not submit your Connecticut license application until such time as you receive NREMT certification;
  • Official verification of your Paramedic training program.  The Office of Emergency Medical Services must receive the verification directly from the educational institution via email, fax (860-920-3142) or by US mail to the address indicated below.
  • Official verification of successful completion of the NREMT paramedic practical and written examinations. The official verification must be sent directly to the Office of Emergency Medical Services. Please note: Due to the availability of on-line certification verification by the NREMT, this office can perform verification of registry certifications.  Please ensure that your NREMT certification number is indicated on the application (you do not need to arrange for verification of the exams results; notification will be sent if your involvement is necessary).
  • A Mental Health First Aid training program verification by a National Council for Behavioral Health (NCBH) certified instructor.
All supporting documentation must be submitted from the source to:


via email: (Preferred Method)
via fax: 860.920.3142
via mail: Connecticut Department of Public Health
EMS Certification
410 Capitol Ave., MS # 12 EMS
P.O. Box 340308
Hartford, CT 06134-0308

tel: 860.509.7975