Statewide EMS Protocols

Version 2018.1 of the Statewide EMS Protocols was released on March 27, 2018.  A companion summary document with the revision changes was also published.  Both can be downloaded by clicking on the images below:

v2018.1CTStatewideProtocols      v2018.1ProtocolsRevisionChangesSummaryDocument

This ongoing project is been a cooperative effort between the Connecticut EMS Medical Advisory Committee (CEMSMAC), the EMS Protocols subcommittee, the five Regional EMS Council Medical Advisory Committees, as well as many EMS stakeholders across Connecticut.  This latest version creates a standard for all EMS providers across the state.


The Connecticut EMS Advisory Board Education & Training Committee has developed an educational presentation for implementing these new protocols.  Click the image below to download the presentation and accompanying rollout instructions:


While the CEMSMAC/Statewide EMS Protocol Subcommittee will be conducting planned annual reviews of the document, they have also built in two additional pathways to request interim review.
  • An emergency change, would be a request identified due to a medication/equipment shortage/supply issue, or dramatic shift in standard of clinical care that would result in a risk to public health by delaying review and implementation to the annual review cycle.   Due to the emergent nature of these requests, review would be expedited and the decision would be communicated to the petitioner in five business days.
  • desired change, would be a non-emergent request, and reviewed by CEMSMAC on a quarterly basis, or sooner.  The decision would be communicated to the petitioner once it is available.


Archived versions of the Statewide EMS Protocol documents are listed below for historical reference purposes only.