The Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies may be accessed electronically at the Secretary of State's e-regulations website by clicking here.Below are specific sections of the regulations (Public Health Code) that pertain to the Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS). Clicking on the title of the section here at the top will jump you to the specific section in more detail. Once in the section, clicking on the title will link you to the section on the e-regulations website.

  • 19a-179-1.    Emergency medical services regulations. Definitions
  • 19a-179-2.    Regional emergency medical services councils
  • 19a-179-3.    Regional EMS coordinators
  • 19a-179-4.    Primary service area responder (PSAR)
  • 19a-179-5.    Licensure and certification
  • 19a-179-6.    When license or certification not required
  • 19a-179-7.    Records
  • 19a-179-8.    Accident reports
  • 19a-179-9.    Specifically prohibited acts
  • 19a-179-10.  Categorization of and staffing requirement for services
  • 19a-179-11.  Availability of response services
  • 19a-179-12.  Mobile intensive care services (MICS) MICS authorization for patient treatment and establishment of mobile intensive care services
  • 19a-179-13.  Release of care to physician on scene
  • 19a-179-14.  Personnel equivalency
  • 19a-179-15.  Reprimand, suspension, revocation of a license or certificate
  • 19a-179-16.  [repealed]
  • 19a-179-16a. Minimum personnel qualifications - certification and licensure
  • 19a-179-17.  EMS training programs
  • 19a-179-18.  Minimum vehicle standards
  • 19a-179-19.  Advertising
  • 19a-179-20.  Hearing
  • 19a-179-21.  Rate setting for emergency medical services

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Statewide Trauma System (Sections 19a-177-1 to 19a-177-9)
  • 19a-177-1.    Definitions

  • 19a-177-2.    Administration

  • 19a-177-3.    Application by hospitals for trauma facility designation

  • 19a-177-4.    Verification process for trauma facility applicants

  • 19a-177-5.    Field triage protocols

  • 19a-177-6.    Interhospital transfers

  • 19a-177-7.    Data collection

  • 19a-177-8.    Prohibited acts

  • 19a-177-9.    Investigations and disciplinary action

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Equipment Grants for Emergency Medical Services (Sections 19a-178b-1 to 19a-178b-6)
  • 19a-178b-1.    Definitions

  • 19a-178b-2.    General provisions

  • 19a-178b-3.    Criteria for eligibility

  • 19a-178b-4.    Grant applications

  • 19a-178b-5.    Grant restrictions and requirements

  • 19a-178b-6.    Categories of grants

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Need for Emergency Medical Services (Sections 19a-180-1 to 19a-180-10)
  • 19a-180-1.    Definitions

  • 19a-180-2.    Certification and licensure

  • 19a-180-3.    Application for a license or certificate for a new or expanded emergency medical service

  • 19a-180-4.    Volunteer ambulance services

  • 19a-180-5.    Schedule for consideration

  • 19a-180-6.    Case in support

  • 19a-180-7.    Factors to be considered

  • 19a-180-8.    Application limitation

  • 19a-180-9.    Authorization for new or expanded emergency medical services

  • 19a-180-10.  Exclusion

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DNR Orders (Sections 19a-580d-1 to 19a-580d-9)
  • 19a-580d-1.    Definitions

  • 19a-580d-2.    DNR transfer form

  • 19a-580d-3.    Transfer and recognition of DNR orders when patients are transported

  • 19a-580d-4.    DNR bracelets

  • 19a-580d-5.    EMS providers

  • 19a-580d-6.    Assistance by attending physicians

  • 19a-580d-7.    Revocation

  • 19a-580d-8.    Provision for patients with certain considerations

  • 19a-580d-9.    Ethical, philosophical, religious objections

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