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Office of EMS Contact Information

General contact information for the Office of Emergency Medical Services:


Mailing Address:

410 Capitol Avenue, MS #12EMS
Hartford, CT 06134-0308

Main Phone Number: 860-509-7975
General Fax Number: 860-730-8384
General email:
Licensing & Certification:
Education & Training:

  • Chief, Healthcare Quality & Safety Branch - Barbara Cass, RN, oversees all sections of the branch, including the Office of Emergency Medical Services.

  • Director - Raffaella "Ralf" Calciano, RN, MEd., oversees all aspects of the EMS system, including strategic planning, regulatory & statutory oversight, and all office staff.  (fax: 860-707-1977)

  • Medical Director - Richard Kamin, M.D., FACEP, serves to oversee medical issues that affect patient care.

  • Education and TrainingJoel Demers, provides coordination, course approvals and quality assurance of the EMS educational process inclusive of all provider levels.  Works collaboratively with the licensing and certification staff to license and certify EMS providers. (fax: 860-730-8429)

  • Provider Licensing and CertificationAlejandro (Alex) Rodriguez Santoni and Kerry Baker work collaboratively with the education and training staff to coordinate the testing, licensure, and certification process of all Connecticut individual EMS providers and instructors, for both initial and re-certification. (fax: 860-707-1920)

  • Data (CEMSTAR) Epidemiologist - Eliza Little, PhD, EMR - Manages data collection for both the EMS and Trauma systems. OEMS collects EMS data from all transporting EMS organizations and Trauma data from all acute care hospitals in the state.  This data collection provides a mechanism to capture activity information, analyze system components, conduct epidemiological surveillance, enabling OEMS to design and implement system improvements, support office policy change, and support the overall mission of quality patient care and optimal system design. (fax: 860-730-8381)

  • Investigations - Jay Falcioni investigates complaints regarding EMS organizations, systems, patient care concerns and provider activities. (fax: 860-707-1910)

  • Ambulance inspections - All ambulances are inspected by OEMS.  Contact Jay Falcioni to schedule an inspection. 

  • Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) Coordinator - Michael Zacchera - MIH is the provision of healthcare using patient-centered, mobile resources in the out-of-hospital environment. MIH is provided by a wide array of healthcare entities and practitioners that are administratively or clinically integrated with EMS agencies.  In 2019 the state legislature placed MIH programs as part of the EMS system in Connecticut. (fax: 860-706-5852)

  • Health Program Assistant - Angela Pugliese is responsible for the OEMS website, Everbridge communications, investigator mobile app support and works collaboratively with the OEMS staff on daily and special projects.

  • Office Support -

  • Renee Holota - Office Supervisor,  supervises the office support staff and is responsible for annual EMS organization certificate of operations renewal applications, disciplinary order monitoring and compliance, as well as professional history review, Freedom of Information Act requests and statewide schedule of maximum allowable rates and trauma facility designations. (fax: 860-707-1911)
  • Adriana Figueroa - provides full secretarial support for the OEMS Director and provides some overall support for the office staff. (fax: 860-326-0528)
  • Local EMS Planning
    Health Program Assistant II Steve Hotchkiss, Working hand-in-hand with the regional EMS coordinators, Steve assists municipal CEOs in the development of their plans, and reviews them, providing feedback.  Public Act 14-217 created a more robust role for the municipalities in the planning of their local EMS system, and requiring each of the 169 municipalities to develop and submit a Local EMS Plan for their town. (fax: 860-730-8286)
  • Regional EMS Coordinators 
    Judi Reynolds, Frank Glowski and Katharine Hickcox provide a link between local EMS organizations and regional/state councils, committees, boards, and the State Office of EMS.  They work in a collaborative manner to assure regional system improvements, technical assistance, and guidance with need for service applications, local & regional EMS plans, local and regional MCI plans, scheduling refresher exam proctors, HeartSafe Communities program and support to the Regional Councils.  If, after reviewing information on this website, you still have questions pertaining to EMS planning, need for service, MIC or PSAR applications, or other subject matter for which there is not a specified point of contact, please contact your region's assigned EMS coordinator (see map below).  


Judi Reynolds - 860-509-7721 (o); 860-707-1940 (f)


Judi Reynolds - 860-509-7721 (o); 860-707-1940 (f)


Frank Glowski - 860-509-7973 (o)


Judi Reynolds - 860-509-7721 (o); 860-707-1940 (f)


Katharine Hickcox - 860-509-7829 (o); 860-629-5512 (f)

Map Showing the 5 Connecticut E.M.S. Regions