Section 5310 Additional Info and Forms
Additional Information
Projects selected for Section 5310 must be included in the Locally Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan (LOCHSTP). LOCHSTP was developed in 2007 and updated in 2009 and 2021 through a process that included participation by seniors; individuals with disabilities; representatives of public, private, nonprofit transportation and human service providers; and other members of the public. A copy may be found here: Connecticut LOCHSTP Plan_12142021.
The Connecticut Rural Transit Assistance Program (CTRTAP) scholarship program is available to Section 5310 recipients for the purpose of sending administrative staff, drivers and/or maintenance personnel to training events, conferences, and seminars that are directly related to the operation and maintenance of Section 5310 vehicles and services. Scholarship funds are only available for the reimbursement of registration fees, travel/transportation, lodging and meals related to such training events, conferences and seminars, and may not exceed $1,000 per trip per individual.  The scholarship application and requirements are available at the following website

All Section 5310 recipients must complete the Invoice Summary and Processing (ISP) form in order to receive payment from CTDOT.