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 Performance Meaures

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is committed to full transparency in its business of preserving, managing and developing the State's transportation system. Our customers have a high expectation of us, and it is our desire to exceed these expectations. The establishment of goals, and the achievement of them, is a fundamental cornerstone of any successful business. Through the use of performance measures, the Department will provide the transparency and accountability that our customers expect.

A series of performance measures reports, which focus on results and accountability, are accessible below. These reports are published quarterly and each measure is updated as the latest data becomes available. Measures are continually reviewed by the Department's Performance Measures Standing Committee, to determine their usefulness in helping the Department make strategic decisions for managing its infrastructure assets. Through this process, measures may be added or deleted in the future. The performance measures address the eight policy objectives below, which are linked to our core mission:
  • Provide Safe and Secure Travel
  • Reduce Congestion and Maximize Throughput
  • Preserve and Maintain our Transportation Infrastructure
  • Provide Mobility Choice, Connectivity and Accessibility
  • Improve Efficiency and Reliability
  • Preserve and Protect the Environment
  • Support Economic Growth
  • Strive for Organizational Excellence
Performance Measures 2

Apple Mobility Report

Google Mobility Report

Winter Operations Season Dashboard

Traffic Congestion Visualization

Connecticut DOT

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"Connecticut is one of 13 states leading the way in having the essential tools-goals, performance measures and data-needed to help decision makers choose more cost effective transportation funding and policy options"
We anticipate further development and refinement of our core business practices, particularly in the financial and project delivery areas. We encourage your feedback, so please tell us what you think by e-mailing the webmaster.
The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) Performance Measures Program is managed by the Division of Performance Management, Office of Policy and Strategic Planning, Bureau of Policy and Planning.

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