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Noise Wall Replacement in Danbury

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) Office of Engineering is developing plans to replace the existing noise wall and upgrade the existing guiderail along Interstate 84 Eastbound between the Exit 2 on-ramp and the Kenosia Avenue overpass in Danbury.

CTDOT has initiated a new program to replace wooden noise barriers adjacent to State highways and Interstates that are past their design life. The barriers will be replaced in-kind keeping to the same location and dimensions. These projects are condition-based that are intended to maintain the abatement commitment that was made at the time of original construction. As such, it will not require a noise analysis according to FHWA regulation 23 CFR 772.

The wooden barriers will, however, be reconstructed with a comparable material as it is no longer a standard practice to use wood materials for barriers. Wooden noise barriers are no longer being constructed because they have a shorter design life and generally require more maintenance. One material that may be used is concrete. Concrete noise barriers require less maintenance which translates to less long-term post-construction costs. Concrete noise barriers also have a longer design life and a layer of absorptive material, which is an added benefit. The proposed noise barrier is anticipated to follow the existing noise wall alignment to avoid any unnecessary impacts to private property, natural resources, and other features.

The purpose of this project is to replace the deteriorating wooden noise wall and upgrade the existing guiderail along I-84 Eastbound between the Exit 2 on-ramp and the Kenosia Avenue Overpass.

The present schedule indicates that the design will be completed in January 2025, with construction anticipated to start in spring 2025, assuming acceptance of the project, availability of funding and receipt of any required right-of-way and environmental permits. This project will be undertaken with 90% Federal funds and 10% State funds.

It is CTDOT policy to keep the public informed and involved when such projects are undertaken.  It is important that the community share its concerns with CTDOT to assist in the project’s development. A public informational meeting will not be conducted for this project as its scope is considered routine maintenance.

If anyone has any questions or comments on this project, contact Mr. Matthew R. Vail, P.E., Principal Engineer, at (860) 594-3274 or by e-mail at Matthew.Vail@ct.govPlease make reference to State Project No. 0034-0355.

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