Forms for Individuals/Homeowners

The following is a listing of the forms most commonly requested by individuals/homeowners.


E-Mail Filing and Service of Documents Policy and Waiver
Notice of Appearance/Representation - Word  /  PDF 
Request for Recording or Transcripts - Word  /  PDF
Petition for Hearing - Word / PDF


Employment Application (Permanent positions)
Employment Application (Seasonal positions)
Group Volunteer Application  Word Form   PDF
Individual Volunteer Application Word Form   PDF
College Internship Application  - Word Form   PDF


Boating Accident Report
Boating Equivalency Exam Application
Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation Application
Duplicate Certificate Application
Marine Event Permit Application
Safe Boating Certificate Application
Regulatory/Navigation Marker Permit Application
Water Ski Slalom Course or Jump Permit Application


Backpack Camping
River Camping
Youth Group Camping

Coastal Activities

4/40 Docks General Permit Registration (Minor Coastal Structures GP)
Certificate of Permission
Non-Harbor Moorings General Permit Registration (Minor Coastal Structures GP)
Remedial Activities Required by Order General Permit Registration (Coastal Maintenance GP)
Residential Flood Hazard Mitigation General Permit Registration (Coastal Maintenance GP)
Structures, Dredging and Fill Permit Application
Tidal Wetlands Permit Application

Endangered Species

Field Form for Submitting Invertebrate Animal Observations
Field Form for Submitting Plant Observations

Natural Diversity Data Base Request


Fishing Tournament or Derby Permit
Non-Resident Sport Fishing Licenses
Permit to Import and/or Liberate Live Fish or Live Fish Eggs Application
Private Waters Registration Application
Special Regulations on Association Controlled Fishing Waters Application

Commercial Fishing:

Marine Fishing License Application for Open-Access Licenses
Marine Fishing License Application for Limited Access Licenses

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
Hunting & Trapping

Online Sportsmen Licensing System
Non-Shooting Field Trial
Private Land Consent
Private Shooting Preserve Permit Application
Private Shooting Preserve Permit Renewal Application
Regulated Hunting Dog Training Area Permit Application
Regulated Hunting Dog Training Area Permit Renewal Application
Shooting Field Trial Permit Application

License Plate Applications

Greenways License Plate
Long Island Sound License Plate
Wildlife License Plate

Open Space/Land Acquisition

Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition Grant Application and Questionnaire
Recreational and Natural Heritage Trust Program - Prospective Land Acquisition Application


Pesticides Pre-notification Registry
Use of Pesticides in State Waters Permit Application

Professional and Occupational Licenses and Permits

Forest Practitioner
Fur Buyer (Word Form / PDF)
Licensed Environmental Professional
Marine Dealer Certificate of Number Application
Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator (NWCO)
Pesticides - Commercial Operator
Pesticides - Commercial Supervisor
Pesticides - Private Applicator
Solid Waste Operator - Landfills and Transfer Stations
Solid Waste Operator - Materials Recovery Facilities
Solid Waste Operator - Resources Recovery Facilities
Solid Waste Operator - Volume Reduction Facilities
Taxidermist (Word Form / PDF)
Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator
Wildlife Rehabilitator

Property Transfer

Property Transfer Program for the Transfer of Establishments

Scientific Collection

Fisheries (Word Form / PDF)
Rocks & Minerals

Wildlife - Miscellaneous

Black Bear Sighting Report
Freshwater Mussel Field Survey Data
Importation Permit
Public Bat Sightings Form (Word Form / PDF)
Wildlife Rehabilitator

Air, Waste, Water and Land Use Permits