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PETITION NO. 1345A – North Stonington Solar Center, LLC declaratory ruling, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §4-176 and §16-50k, for the proposed construction, maintenance and operation of a 15 MW AC solar photovoltaic electric generating facility on approximately 353 acres comprised of four abutting parcels located east of Pendleton Hill Road, north of the Pawcatuck River and south of Interstate-95 with proposed access from Ella Wheeler Road, and associated electrical interconnection to Eversource Energy’s Shunock Substation west of Pendleton Hill Road in North Stonington, Connecticut. Request for 1) an amendment to the declaratory ruling; and 2) approval of a Development and Management Plan. Link to Petition No. 1345

Cover Letter for Request for Approval of Revisions to Project and D&M Plan, 06/16/20
Letter of Delegation from Enerparc, 06/01/20
Request for Approval of Revisions to Project and D&M Plan
Exhibit A - Detailed Site Plan Layout
Exhibit B - DEEP Notice of Permit Authorization
Exhibit C - Stormwater Pollution Control Plan (Phase I)
Exhibit D - Stormwater Pollution Control Plan (Phase II)
Exhibit E - Phase 1B Archaeological Field Analysis
Exhibit F - Environmental Assessment
Exhibit G - Development and Management Plan, which includes the following exhibits:
D&M Cover Letter 
Site Plan Drawings:
Civil Drawing Package  
D&M Drawing Set 
Electrical Drawing Set  
Structural Drawing Set 
Stormwater Pollution Control Plan  
DEEP General Permit Registration 
DEEP Receipt Confirmation 
DEEP Phase 1 Approval Letter

Council Letter to the Town of North Stonington, 6/23/20

Council Letter to the Town of Stonington, 2500 ft, 6/23/20
State Agency Comments Memorandum, 06/23/20  
Council Incomplete Notice to Petitioner, 06/25/20
Council Acknowledgement of Complete Submission, 07/13/20
Council Interrogatories to Petitioner, Set One, 7/20/20
Council Interrogatories to Petitioner, Set Two, 08/04/20



Town of North Stonington Comment and Council Response, 06/25/20

Schedule, 06/22/20
Revised Schedule, 06/29/20

Service List, 06/24/20

PETITIONER - North Stonington Solar Center, LLC
North Stonington Solar Center, LLC Response to Incomplete Submission, 07/08/20
North Stonington Solar Center, LLC Responses to Interrogatories, Set One, 07/30/20
Exhibit A - Clearing Plan
Exhibit B - Civil Engineering Plans
Exhibit C - Spadefoot Toad Mitigation Plan
Exhibit D - Slope Matting
North Stonington Solar Center, LLC Responses to Interrogatories, Set Two, 08/11/20  Cover Letter

Council Decision and Staff Report, 08/28/20
Request to Modify D&M Plan to Allow for the Storage of Steel on the Project Site, 09/11/20
Council Decision on Request to Modify D&M Plan, 09/15/20
Submission of Council August 28, 2020 Conditions Cover Letter, 04/23/21
1.  Copy of DEEP approved Revised SWPCP
2.  Revised Civil Design 
3.  Detailed Construction Phasing Plan
4.  Memo Regarding the Plan for Submission of Environmental Monitoring Reports
5.  Final Plan Depicting Planting Locations and Pool Excavation Areas for Spadefoot Tod Management Area
Council Acknowledgement of Condition Submissions, 04/26/21

Notice of Construction Start, 05/19/21
D&M Revision Request and Council Decision, 07/30/21
Army Corps of Engineers New England District Self-Verification Permit Submission, 08/13/21