Connecticut-Certified Teachers and Administrators

Welcome to Connecticut!

We’re happy you’d like to teach here. Because you’ve already received your teaching certificate in another U.S. state or territory, you may qualify for certification here, too. Please apply online or by mail using the links below.

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Apply Online

Apply online, renew your certificate, and more using the Connecticut Educator Certification System (CECS).
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Apply by Mail

Follow this process to apply for your certificate by mail.
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How to Use CECS

Learn about our online application system and how to use it.


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Teacher Assessments

Have you passed an educator assessment test required in another US state or territory? We accept many of them. Follow these links to learn more. 
  • Submitting Assessments 
    Learn how to submit assessment results so that we can determine whether or not you need to take a Connecticut assessment.
  • Exemptions 
    Review the criteria for being exempt from taking a Connecticut assessment.
  • Deferrals 
    Learn when you may be able to defer an assessment test for your endorsement area.

Helpful Resources

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Certification Laws and Regulations

Explore Connecticut’s certification laws and regulations.
Read More
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Connecticut Teacher Certifications and Permits

Review the certificates available to educators.
View certification types
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Get answers to the top questions about certification.
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