Starting in May, electric and gas utilities began notifying residential customers with unpaid and/or past-due balances that if they do not take action and contact their utility to enroll in a payment plan, they are at risk of having their services terminated. If your household has received a notification from your utility company, please contact them directly to set up a payment plan to keep your services on. These plans charge no interest, and all customers qualify at least once for one or more of these plans. After engaging with utility providers, customers may also contact PURA’s customer affairs unit for specific questions regarding payment arrangements. View eligibility, utility contact information:

Public Participation


All PURA proceedings are open to the public. This page provides some of the many ways ratepayers, docket participants, and other stakeholders can engage or intervene in a docketed matter. It is important to note the Authority gives equal consideration to comments that are received verbally or in writing.


Contact PURA

Customer Affairs: View Customer Affairs resources and contact information.

File a Public CommentComments filed in PURA proceedings become a public record and will be posted in the public docket database and available for public viewing.

File a Complaint: If your company does not resolve your matter to your satisfaction, you can contact PURA.

Get Involved

Stakeholder Group Compensation Program: View more information about the funds available to groups representing the interests of utility customers. This program seeks to enable traditionally underrepresented groups to make meaningful contributions to proceedings before PURA. Compensation is available to groups to use for attorney’s fees, expert witness fees, and other costs necessary to prepare for and participate in PURA proceedings.  

Request for Intervenor or Participant Status: The Motion for Intervenor/Participant Status form is provided for your convenience, but you are not required to use that form to request intervenor or participant status.

Navigate the Docket System

Make a Filing: Submit documents electronically through PURA's web-filing system.

Tutorial - Search for Docket Filings: In this training video, we review how to navigate PURA's web-filing system.

Tutorial - Making an Electronic Filing: In this training video, we review how to make an electronic filing in a PURA proceeding. 

Participate in a Public Hearing

Guide to Public Hearings: Navigate PURA's public hearings.

Sign Up for NotificationsSign up for public notification emails.

Freedom of Information Act Compliance Policies: PURA is committed to making its public records available to the public as quickly and conveniently as possible.


Opportunities to Comment
 Docket No.  Docket Title Description Notice of Written Comments
 24-05-01  Annual Review of Affordability Programs and Offerings 2024 energy affordability annual review docket; looks at arrearage and forgiveness plans filed by EDCs and LDCs  Written Comments due July 10


Contact Us: If you need assistance in locating documents on the web, or that are not available electronically, contact the Executive Secretary's Office at 860-827-2836 or