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Recipients of grants awarded by OPM shall be deemed to know and understand all federal, state and local laws, ordinances and regulations and municipal bylaws (e.g., permits, inspection, design standards, notification to utilities, etc.) which in any manner apply to projects funded with such grants; such legal requirements shall include but not necessarily be limited to those which apply to required contracting practices and related reporting, the conduct of the project work, the equipment and materials to be used on the project, or the treatment of individuals or classes of individuals in relationship to their involvement with the project.

Depending on the nature of the project to be funded, certain projects may require additional reviews, evaluations, permits, approvals, and/or certifications, including but not limited to: Commission on Human Rights and  Opportunities (CHRO), Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA) Evaluation, Environmental Impact Evaluation (EIE), Flood Management Certification (FMC); State Historic and Preservation Office (SHPO) review and determination; and/or Municipal Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) provisions with regard to eligibility for discretionary state funding. Such reviews, evaluations, permits and/or certifications must be obtained before any grant contract will be executed, or before any grant payments will be made, as is applicable to the specific grant.  It should be noted that such reviews, evaluations, permits and/or certifications could significantly impact project costs and timelines.

A Grantee’s ignorance of such requirements shall not, in any proceeding or in any claims or other legal proceeding, constitute justification for the Grantee’s failure to consider such requirements or for the failure to ensure that such legal requirements are met with regard to any project in which the Grantee participates. It is the Grantee’s responsibility to understand and comply with all grant terms and conditions associated with the grant awarded to them. 


Intertown Capital Equipment Sharing Program

Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP)

           LoCIP Entitlement Program

           LoCIP Grant Program

Mashantucket Pequot/Mohegan Fund Grant

Municipal Grants in Aid

Municipal Revenue Sharing Fund

            Motor Vehicle Tax Grants 

            Municipal Revenue Sharing Grant

            Supplemental Revenue Sharing Grant 

Neglected Cemetery Account Grant Program

Regional Performance Incentive Program (RPIP)

Regional Services Grant Program (RSG)

Responsible Growth / Transit Oriented Development (RGTOD) 

Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP)

Tiered Payment in Lieu of Taxes(PILOT)


Additional Veterans Tax Relief Program

Distressed Municipalities - Reimbursement of Tax Loss on Exemptions

Homeowners' - Elderly/Disabled (Circuit Breaker) Tax Relief Program

Homeowners' - Elderly/Disabled (Freeze) Tax Relief Program

Renter's Rebate For Elderly/Disabled Renters Tax Relief Program

Totally Disabled Tax Relief Program