Entitlement funds allocated prior to Fiscal Year 2024 are available to municipalities to reimburse the cost of eligible local capital improvement projects such as road, bridge or public building construction activities.

A municipality must request and be granted project authorization by OPM in order to be eligible for reimbursement for allowable project costs.  A municipality must request LoCIP reimbursement for eligible costs associated with an OPM approved LoCIP project in order to receive funds.

Entitlement Guidelines

Entitlement Forms


All forms must be sent in PDF format to LoCIP.Submit@ct.gov.

Entitlement Reports

- Approved Project Authorizations by municipality and project, including amount, project description, and project number. 

PROGRAM PAYMENT LIST REPORTS - Project reimbursement payments by municipality and project, including payment date and reimbursement.

HISTORICAL MUNICIPAL ENTITLEMENT AMOUNTS - Entitlement history 2005 through 2023.

Project Summary Reports

The Open Project Summary Report only includes open projects which have unreimbursed balances.  Note that reports are date specific and may not include new project authorizations or reimbursement requests. 


Contact: Gregory.Lowrey@ct.gov 860.418.6308