Regional Performance Incentive Program

The Regional Performance Incentive Program was established in 2007 to encourage municipalities to participate in voluntary intermunicipal or regional shared services projects that have the potential to produce measurable “economies of scale”, provide desired or required public services, and lower the costs and tax burdens associated with the provision of such services.

The Office of Policy and Management (OPM) is accepting applications for the Regional Performance Incentive Program (RPIP). Eligible entities are Regional Councils of Governments and Regional Education Service Center.

Funding for RPIP is provided under CGS Section 4-66k using a portion of hotel and car rental taxes pursuant to CGS Section 12-408

There is no deadline for application submittals.  However, OPM intends to conduct periodic reviews of applications received on or about April 1, August 1, and December 1, and subsequently announce grant awards on a rolling basis until available funds are committed. 

Each proposal may be for up to three years in duration, but applicants must specify the source(s) of the required 25% match commitment in the first year.  Finally, the proposal must describe how the applicant intends to progress toward self-funding by no later than the start of the fourth year.

Previously submitted and unfunded applications will be held for a period of six months for reconsideration.  If there are substantive changes to the project scope of work, budget and/or participants from a previous application, a resubmittal is required, 

Regional Performance Incentive Program Annual Reports


For more information on RPIP, please contact:

Rebecca Augur
Intergovernmental Policy and Planning Division
Phone:  860-418-6343