Environmental Review Procedures


Several federal and state laws direct government agencies to take into consideration the effects of their actions on historic resources. Under these laws, consultation with SHPO is required. The goal of the consultation is to find ways to avoid harm to historic properties. If impacts cannot be avoided then the SHPO works to minimize or mitigate the adverse effects.

The environmental review process is initiated by submitting the Project Notification From with all of the requested attachments.  A paper copy must be submitted, however, an additional copy may be sent via email as well. FOR ALL FCC REVIEWS: DO NOT SEND A HARD COPY. Please email a copy of the submittal to marena.wisniewski@ct.gov.


Please address all non-FCC submittals to:


State Historic Preservation Office

Attn:  Environmental Review

450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 5

Hartford, CT 06103

The quality of submitted materials will impact the time needed to complete a review. 



What's Next

Please submit a Project Notification Form.  Include all pertinent project materials.