Revaluation Employee and Company Certification 

Pursuant to Section 12-2b of the Connecticut General Statutes, the Office of Policy and Management develops regulations setting forth standards and tests for: Certifying revaluation companies and their employees, which regulations shall ensure that a revaluation company is competent in appraising and valuing property, certifying revaluation companies and their employees, requiring that a certified employee supervise all valuations performed by a revaluation company for municipalities, maintaining lists of certified revaluation companies and upon request, advising municipalities in drafting contracts with revaluation companies, and conducting investigations and withdrawing the certification of any revaluation company or employee found not to be conforming to such regulations.

Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies Section 12-2b Certification of Revaluation Companies and Their Employees

Certified Connecticut Revaluation Employee Guidebook - A resource tool for use by Connecticut Revaluation Employees and Companies.

Certified Revaluation Employees

The Office of Policy and Management certifies individuals who are employed by a Certified Connecticut Revaluation Company and who perform valuations of real and personal property for assessment purposes. Employee Certifications expire on April 30th in the year of expiration.

Active Certified Revaluation Employees

In order to be recertified, individuals must apply prior to expiration of their existing certification. During the five-year certification period, the employee must complete at least fifty (50) hours of property assessment or appraisal courses and/or workshops. Proof of successful completion of the courses/workshops must be submitted along with the application for recertification. The individual seeking recertification is responsible for maintaining the documentation concerning courses/workshops taken during the five-year period.

Courses Approved for Recertification


Certified Revaluation Companies  

The Office of Policy and Management certifies companies to perform revaluations for assessment purposes within municipalities in Connecticut.  Revaluation Company Certifications expire on March 31st in the year of expiration. 

Active Certified Revaluation Companies


2024 Revaluation Examination was held March 12, 2024.

M-56 Examination Application - Application period is closed. 

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