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Spring is officially here and summer is fast approaching.  Getting outside anytime of year, especially after the winter months, is important to stay healthy-physically and mentally.  Getting outside helps to engage all of the senses.  Even just getting outside for 15 minutes a day where there are trees, flowers, open sky, birds, water, etc. will allow one to connect with nature.  However, staying safe while outdoors is always top priority regardless of the season. 

Our Connecticut State Parks and Forests offer plenty of opportunities for families to get outside and participate in exciting outdoor activities.      

A few things to remember before heading out and while you are out exploring:

1) Check the weather forecast;

2) Get an early start;

3) Wear light, loose, sweat-wicking clothes and avoid cotton;  

4) Wear appropriate footwear based on where you will be visiting;

5) Use sunscreen (reapply as necessary) and wear a hat;

6) Use bug spray;

7) Bring your cell phone;

8) Take a map with you if hiking;

9) Stay hydrated; and 

10) Have fun and stay safe!



 Favorite Activities in CT State Parks & Forests





Cross Country Skiing

Downhill Skiing (Mohawk Mountain) 

Freshwater Fishing


Historical Sites

Horseback Riding 


Ice Fishing

Ice Skating


Mountain Biking

Nature Centers & Museums


Saltwater Fishing



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Content updated May 2023