Hartford Correctional Center

177 Weston Street
Hartford, CT 06120
Hartford CI Entrance


(959) 200-3000                                   
(959) 200-3008


Level 4

Warden: Devonia Long                                                                                                          
Deputy Wardens:
Damian Doran
  William Foote

Visiting Information:

Please review the following information before scheduling a visit https://portal.ct.gov/DOC/Miscellaneous/Visiting

Visiting Schedule (PDF) eff. 06/15/23 

Updates:  No Social Visits (In-person or Video) on June 19, 2024 - Juneteenth.

Effective Monday, March 18, 2024: In-person visits for General Population inmates will no longer be prescheduled, they will be on a first come, first serve basis.
In-person visits for SRG and PC inmates will continue to be scheduled.
Video visits will be scheduled for all inmates.

Two In-Person Visits per week are allowed.

Please complete the following form to schedule a visit: Visit Request Form

Visitors must be on the approved, active visiting list.

Note: A visit is not scheduled until you receive confirmation from the facility.

Check your junk mail folder for confirmations or emails regarding visits.

Any individual who attempts to visit a facility without a pre-scheduled visiting confirmation will not be accommodated.

For all general visiting information refer to https://portal.ct.gov/DOC/Miscellaneous/Visiting

Population Information:

See data available regarding Connecticut Department of Correction's supervised population.

General Information:

The Hartford Correctional Center is committed to protecting the public and staff by providing a safe, secure, and healthy environment for all persons remanded to its custody, and to promoting the responsible behavior of each such individual. The Hartford Correctional Center strives to create a facility that promotes professionalism, excellence, and dignity for its employees.

This level 4, high-security urban jail holds primarily pretrial offenders and serves superior courts in Bristol, Enfield, Hartford, Manchester, Middletown, New Britain, Rockville and West Hartford.

The Hartford Correctional Center also oversees this agency's 12-bed Medical-Surgical Ward at the University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington. The Medical-Surgical Ward is a level 5 co-ed inpatient/outpatient program. The high security medical ward, on a yearly basis processes nearly 350 inpatients and more than 2,200 outpatients.

Present staffing: 337.

Listing of the inmate programs available at this facility (PDF, 283 KB).

PREA Audit Final Report 2015

PREA Auditor's Summary Report (PDF, 728 KB).

PREA Audit Final Report 2022


The Hartford Correctional Center was opened in 1977. Designed as a level 4 pretrial facility for adult males. It is situated on 10 acres.

In 1990, the addition of Dormitory 1 and 2 was opened.

In 1991, the addition of Dormitory 3 and 4 was opened.

List of past wardens:

1977-1984 Richard Wezowicz
1984-1990 Evelyn Horn
1990-1992 Michael Bonzagni
1992-1992 Leo Arnone
1993-1994 Lynda Rowan
1994-1995 Steven Tozier
1995-1997 Edward Arrington
1997-2000 Mary Marcial
2000-2002 Peter J. Murphy
2002-2002 Nelvin Levester
2002-2003 Remi Acosta
2003-2007 Charles Lee
2007-2009 Lori Ricks
2009-2010 Scott Erfe
2010-2011 Edward Maldonado
Walter Ford
Timothy D. Farrell, Sr.
William Faneuff
Allison Black
2019-2022 Ned McCormick