Brooklyn Correctional Institution

Address: 59 Hartford Road
Brooklyn , CT 06234
Brooklyn CI Entrance
Phone: (860) 779-4500
Fax: (860) 779-4557

Level 3


Warden:                 Charlatta Jones        

Deputy Warden:    Jason Chapdelaine  
UPDATE: No Social Visits (In-person or Video) on June 19, 2024 - Juneteenth.
  Brooklyn CI Contact Visiting Rules
  • Visits are limited to 2 adults, or 1 adult and 2 children, per visit
  • Inmates are allowed 2 contact visits and 1 virtual visits per week
  • Visitors may arrive up to 15 minutes prior to a visit, and be seated in the visiting room  
  • No more than 15 visitors will be allowed in the lobby at the same time
  • A maximum of 24 inmates will be allowed in the visiting room at one time

       Visiting Schedule Brooklyn CI - JUNE 2024


Video Visits are available and must be scheduled 72 hrs. in advance.

Please complete the following form to request a scheduled video visit: Visit Request Form

Note: A video visit is not scheduled until you receive confirmation from the facility.

Check your junk mail folder for confirmations or emails regarding visits.

Visits are scheduled according to the inmates housing location. If an inmate moves to another housing location, the visit will be cancelled and needs to be rescheduled. It is the inmate’s responsibility to notify the visitor that their visit will need to be rescheduled.

For all general visiting information refer to

Population Information:

See data available regarding Connecticut Department of Correction's supervised population.

General Information:

The Brooklyn Correctional Institution endeavors to hold offenders accountable, while offering developmental opportunities through sound educational, vocational and cognitive programming that subsequently facilitates successful reintegration into the community.

The Brooklyn Correctional Institution is a level 3 medium-security facility. It offers extensive programming to assist offenders with the successful law abiding return to the community. The programming includes: Educational Services with GED, English as a Second Language, and Special Education; Vocational Programs, Business Education, Computer Skills; Literacy Volunteers; Sex Offender Programming; Anger Management and Substance Abuse Programming.

The Brooklyn Correctional Institution maintains a high standard of professionalism, dignity, and respect that fosters safety and security balanced with compassion toward the inmate population. 

The facility assists surrounding communities with various public service projects and coordinating charitable contributions with an emphasis on those combating domestic violence. Offenders also speak to high school and at-risk youth concerning the importance of positive choices in decision making and the negative impact of incarceration.

Present staffing: 123.

Listing of the inmate programs available at this facility (PDF, 518 KB).

PREA Auditor's Summary Report - 2015

PREA Auditor's Summary Report - 2017

PREA Auditor's Final Report - 2021

PREA Auditor's Final Report - 2023


The Brooklyn Correctional Institution, formerly known as the Windham County Jail was built in 1820 and served as both town hall and jail.

In 1842, a new jail was constructed adding barns, outbuildings and in 1863 a section for female prisoners. The mission during this time was employing prisoners as common laborers.

By 1847, offenders outside jobs grew extensively to include such labor as digging, carting, woodcutting, and harvesting.

In the late 1800's subsequent changes were incorporated into the initial mission, incarcerating inmates on charges such as drunkenness, theft and bootlegging.  A prison library was established along with religious services, including monthly meetings run by the Women's Christian Temperance Union. Statistics from 1887 reflect a total of 225 inmates committed to the jail.

In the 1940's to the 1970's offenders were committed for crimes such as grand theft, drug possession, and even murder.

In 1990 the new dormitory style facility was built and the institution changed from a pretrial level 4 to a sentenced level 3 facility. In 1994 programming for the sex offender population began. The facility confines level 3, medium-security inmates in a dormitory setting. 

List of past wardens:

1962-1987 Richard Hills
1988-1990 David Brown
1990-1992 Carol Dunn
1992-1993 Hector Rodriguez
1993-1995 Mary Marcial
1995-1996 Remi Acosta
1996-1997 L. Gurukaur Khalsa
1997-2001 Rosetta Jones
2001-2003 David Marcial
2003-2005 Daniel W. Martin
2005-2006 Giovanny Gomez
2006-2008 Robin H. Sutherland
2008-2009 Anthony Coletti
2009-2011 Valerie Light
Monica Rinaldi
Stephen Faucher
Jonathan Hall
Robert Martin
Stephen Faucher
Ronald Cotta