Northern Correctional Institution

As of June 11, 2021 this facility has been closed, due to a reduction in the inmate population.
Address: 287 Bilton Road,
POB 665
Somers, CT 06071
Northern CI Entrance
Phone: (860) 763-8600
Fax: (860) 763-8651
Security: Level 5

General Information:

The Northern Correctional Institution is a level five, maximum security institution  It is designated to manage those inmates who have demonstrated a serious inability to adjust to confinement posing a threat to the safety and security of the community, staff and other inmates, are sentenced to death, or posses a high bond.

The Northern Correctional Institution provides a highly structured, secure and humane environment while affording inmates an opportunity through positive behavior and program participation to return to a less restrictive facility.

Information regarding Administrative Segregation.

It is situated on 20-acres immediately adjacent to the Osborn Correctional Institution.

Present staffing: 310.

Listing of the inmate programs available at this facility (PDF, 268 KB).

PREA Auditor's Summary Report 2015 (PDF, 398 KB).

PREA Auditor's Summary Report 2018 (PDF, 907KB).


It was completed in January of 1995 and received its first inmates in March of 1995.

In 1995, Connecticut's death row inmates were moved to the Northern Correctional Institution from the Osborn Correctional Institution where they were previously housed.

February of 1997 marked the arrival of the Chronic Disciplinary Unit.

November of 1999 marked the arrival of the Special Risk Group Threat population.

In November of 2000, the Chronic Disciplinary Unit was removed from the facility.

In September of 2004, the Chronic Disciplinary Unit was returned to Northern CI.

In March of 2012, the Chronic Disciplinary Unit was removed from the facility.

In March of 2012, the Chronic Discipline Program was removed from Northern CI.  This allowed for the successful closing on the 3 East Housing Unit.  Also in the spring of 2012, Northern CI began moving forward with the proposed plans of removing the housing of all phases of Security Risk Group Threat Members.  The transfer of these inmates to MacDougall-Walker CI, is scheduled to be completed by March of 2013.   That will leave Northern CI with a forecasted inmate population of approximately 75 inmates (Phase 1 of Administrative Segregation, Special Needs and Death Row).

In July 2013, high bond inmates began transfers to Northern Correctional Institution. This was part of an extensive restructuring plan of the entire agency, in an effort by the administration to utilize its infrastructure and available bed space to operate on a more efficient basis. This was accomplished while sustaining all inmate programming and providing opportunities for staff development.

List of past wardens:

1995-1995 David May
1995-1996 Robert Kupec
1996-1999 Giovanny Gomez
1999-2003 Larry J. Myers
2003-2006 Wayne Choinski
2006-2009 Jeffrey McGill
2009-2011 Angel Quiros
Edward Maldonado
Anne Cournoyer
William Mulligan
William Faneuff
2017-2019 Nick Rodriquez
Roger Bowles