Remediation Standard Regulations

Connecticut's Remediation Standard Regulations (RSRs) specify the standards for the remediation of environmental pollution in soil and groundwater.

Compliance Measures

Variances Under the RSRs
Additional Information
Technical Support Documents

Remediation Standard Regulations, as amended February 16, 2021  (unofficial versions) - Soil and groundwater criteria tables are in appendices to RCSA 22a-133k-3.
Electronic Document Transmittal Form - must be the cover page for all Remediation documents uploaded into the Connecticut Secure File Transfer (SFT) website.  It replaces the RSR Approval Request or Notice Transmittal Form. 

Compliance Measures

Environmental Use Restrictions

Requesting Additional Polluting Substances and/or Alternative Criteria

Covenant Not to Sue

Alternative Groundwater Protection Criteria Map (in GIS format)

RSR Guidance Documents

DEEP Concurrence with ITRC Technical Guidance Documents

Variances Under the RSRs

Engineered Control Variances

Technical Impracticability Variance

Additional Information

Remediation Standard Regulations Course (April 2023) - PowerPoint presentation developed for EPOC's RSR course:

Red-line/[Blue-line] Version of the RSRs - contains deleted/moved language in bracketed blue text and added/moved language in underlined red text.  This version of the Revised RSRs is unofficial and made available for the convenience of the reader.

RSRs with Indents - text of the RSRs with subsections and subparagraphs indented for readability.  This version of the RSRs is unofficial and made available for the convenience of the reader.

Trichloroethylene (TCE) Developmental Risks - joint guidance from DPH and DEEP

Emerging Contaminants

Remediation Waste

Connecticut Water Quality Standards

Analytical Methods Used to Characterize Petroleum Releases

Laboratory Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Green Remediation

2019 Proposed Amendments to the RSRs and EURs

Technical Support Documents

Technical Support Document: Recommended Numeric Criteria for Additional Polluting Substances and Certain Alternative Criteria

Technical Support Document for Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbon Fractions Using the ETPH Analytical Method and Criteria Development

Technical Support Document for Petroleum Hydrocarbons Using the EPH/VPH/APH Analytical Methods and Criteria Development

2003 Proposed Revisions to Connecticut’s Remediation Standard Regulations Volatilization Criteria 

1996 Criteria Derivation - Technical Supporting information on the derivation of the risk-based criteria from the 1996 Remediation Standards Regulations

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