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Who should apply to Air facilitator training?

Would you like to facilitate, teach, and engage with people who want to help their community succeed? Air Collaborative has a free training and certification process that helps people become top-notch facilitators.

About Air Facilitators

COA and Air Collaborative know Air Certified Facilitators can help people ignite their creative economy by unlocking community genius. People everywhere want to belong, connect, and feel heard. They want to join with others and be part of something bigger than themselves. Air Facilitators fill those needs by helping people put the power of creative collaboration to work in their lives.

Our facilitators have diverse backgrounds and life experiences. They have creative and business experience, strong communication skills, and high emotional intelligence. They inspire hope, change, and excellence.

They are optimistic realists with exceptional listening skills and great senses of humor. They are lifelong learners who are adaptable, organized improvisers who work and play well with others. They embrace the interweb and fun stuff that makes storytelling and collaborating easier and more personal.

Facilitator Training Program Eligibility

This job is for arts and non-arts professionals who are committed to creative and collaborative work with communities throughout Connecticut.

Applicants must:

  • Be a full-time resident of Connecticut when they apply
  • Understand they will serve as facilitators and use presentation tools, software and equipment
  • Attend two pre-training virtual workshop (3 hours each)
  • Attend a three-day in-person training program (8 hours per day)
  • Make a three-year commitment to the program

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