Air Facilitator Training

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Becoming an Air Certified Facilitator

General Program Info

We typically host one Air Certified Facilitator training program each year. It prepares people to deliver Air’s Engage and Shift workshops.

The training is free. We provide a stipend of $750 and a flat fee for childcare may be available. Participants receive printed materials during the training.

The training is limited to 12 participants.

Training Program Details

Program participants master three skills:

  • Presenting Air materials
  • Facilitating collaborative teams
  • Coaching individuals for future success

Participants learn by doing! The training is very interactive and focuses on skill building. You’ll practice collaborating, listening, design thinking, and business planning.

The training program facilitators model what Air Certified Facilitators do. They don’t give answers because they know people learn best when they discover answers themselves.

The training facilitators also help participants identify things they are trying to change in their lives and careers and make plans for achieving their goals.

Trainee Responsibilities

Program trainees:

  • Develop a deep understanding of the Engage and Shift workshops
  • Learn how to be firm yet friendly, open, and engaging
  • Attend all CT Air Facilitator training sessions
  • Achieve an 80% score on the Air Certified Facilitator test
  • Attend a 30-minute meeting with Air staff to establish benchmarks for success

Program graduates:

  • Participate in monthly CT Air Facilitator meetings
  • Attend training refresher sessions for any curriculum updates or technology changes
  • Participate in planning sessions for each workshop they are contracted to facilitate
  • Attend every hour of their workshops
  • Serve as facilitator for up to nine workshop participants
  • Present sections of the workshop curriculum to the full participant group
  • Provide 15-minute one-on-one coaching sessions for up to 9 participants
  • Participate in workshop debriefs for each Shift workshop they facilitate

Engage and Shift facilitators can take additional training to deliver the Evolve Program.

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