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How do I become a grant application reviewer?

Connecticut Office of the Arts relies on people in the arts and creative sector to review applications for many of our grant programs. There are two similar roles:

  • Reviewers: People who review and score grants through our grant platform.  
  • Panelists: People who review and score grants through our grant platform AND meet online or in-person to discuss and recommend grants.

Reviewers and panelists include artists, educators, administrators, community leaders, and other people involved in the arts and creative sector. They receive a stipend for serving as a grant reviewer. The stipend is calculated based on the time required.  

When selecting reviewers and panelists, we strive to represent: 

  • Our state’s overall diversity of gender, age, race, ethnicity, and disability
  • Our state’s geographic distribution 
  • Artistic disciplines and sub-disciplines
  • Small, medium, and large institutions
  • The variety of creative economy roles including artists, administrators, artistic directors, board members, education specialists, and others 

Reviewer and Panelist Responsibilities 

Grant reviewers and panelists:

  • Adhere to the review/panel process 
  • Evaluate assigned grant applications
  • Score applications according to program review criteria 
  • Provide funding recommendations 

The time commitment will vary depending on the program requirements and review materials. 

How to Apply

Please complete a form for the grant program you’re interested in. Please note that we can’t guarantee everyone who applies will be selected.

  • Artist Fellowship program: Reviewer/panelist applicants should be practicing artists who are able to engage in a peer review process.
  • Artists Respond program: Reviewer/panelist applicants should be committed to the value of community arts projects.
  • Supporting Arts program: Reviewer/panelist applicants should have a strong understanding of non-profit organizations, budgets, DEI, and accessibility requirements.

Thank you for your interest. We will contact selected applicants by email. 

More Information

Please contact a member of the COA team. 

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