Transit-Oriented Development & Responsible Growth


Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is working to use transit centers to enhance economic development, job-accessible housing, retail amenities and quality of life in many of Connecticut’s walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods. Responsible Growth is a strategy to accommodate this future development in a way that reinforces existing communities, uses resources efficiently and protects the environment.

The Department of Economic and Community Development, along with other agencies, helps administer various projects funded under the Responsible Growth and Transit-Oriented Development (RGTOD) Grant Program, which is designed to facilitate development that enhances rather than compromises the state’s long-term prosperity and environmental quality.

Access Project Support

Pre- and post-funding assistance is available for projects across a wide range of Transit Development initiatives, including:

Explore Funding Opportunities

Funding for Transit Oriented Development and Responsible Growth projects can be achieved through a variety of programs, including:

Review Incentives/Liability Relief

Brownfield remediation and incentives for revitalization are key to many Transit-Oriented Development & Responsible Growth projects. Here are few of the services available to help:

Success Stories

The Office of Community Development has case studies showing a variety of success stories. See how funding, support programs and other services have already achieved success in Transit-Oriented and other community development projects of all sizes and requirements.