Brownfield Remediation & Revitalization Program


Created by the Connecticut Office of Brownfield Remediation and Development, the Brownfield Remediation and Revitalization Program (BRRP) is designed to streamline in the redevelopment of brownfields properties.


Applicants must meet the definition of a bona fide prospective purchaser, an innocent land owner or contiguous property owner. 

The subject property must meet the definition of a brownfield and have been subject to a release of a regulated substance. Also, an applicant must not be responsible for any pollution on the property nor be affiliated with any person responsible for the site pollution. The property should not be listed on the national priorities list, the State of Connecticut Superfund Priority List, or subject to corrective action as may be required by RCRA environmental regulatory agencies.

Up to 32 projects per year can be accepted into the program. The DECD Commissioner in consultation with the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection Commissioner will determine admission of eligible properties based on statewide portfolio factors including:

  • job creation and retention
  • sustainability
  • readiness to proceed
  • geographic distribution of projects
  • population of the municipality where the property is located
  • project size
  • project complexity
  • duration and degree to which the property has been underused
  • projected increase to the municipal grand list
  • consistency of the property as remediated and developed with municipal or regional planning objectives
  • development plan’s support for, and furtherance of, principles of smart growth or transit-oriented development
  • other factors as may be determined by the Commissioner

How To Apply

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed in a periodic competitive process. (updated 3/4/2024)

Any applicant accepted into the Brownfield Remediation and Revitalization program by the Commissioner shall pay the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection a fee equal to 5% of the assessed value of the land, as stated on the last-completed grand list of the relevant town (subject to certain fee waiver provisions).

Fee payment form

Applicants who are accepted into the Brownfield Remediation and Revitalization Program shall investigate the release of any regulated substance within the boundaries of the property in accordance with prevailing standards and guidelines and remediate such release in accordance with the brownfield investigation plan and remediation schedule.  


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