Key Information:

The Connecticut Department of Insurance will provide electronic appointment renewal processing with the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR).

  • All terminations must be posted to the NIPR's PDB by April 15, 2024. There are no fees to terminate appointments.
  • On May 1, 2024 the NIPR website will display the invoices and a list of appointments due for the renewal.
  • The NIPR website is:
  • Payments for the Connecticut Appointment Renewals must be received by NIPR through the Electronic Options made available by May 31, 2024.
  • Electronic payment options offered by NIPR will immediately reflect the invoices as paid and will forward payment and renewal transactions to Connecticut within 24 hours of that payment.
  • All appointment transactions will continue to be processed as usual with NIPR during renewals.
  • All appointments added on and after April 15, 2024 will not need to be renewed for the current year and will be included on the next renewal cycle in 2026.
  • Appointment Renewal and NIPR processing fees are non-refundable.
  • Licenses with an “Expired” status may show active appointments. You will NOT be billed for these appointments.


Payments made after May 31, 2024 will automatically be assessed 10% of the invoice with a maximum of $15,000.00. The late fee will be included in the final amount due.


  • Companies that submit a payment to NIPR via paper check will not have their renewal invoice processed and will have the payment returned to them.
  • Payments must be made electronically (electronic checks will be accepted) No paper checks at all. NIPR is not responsible for any renewal late fees that may be incurred after May 31, 2024.

NIPR Transaction Fees:

NIPR Renewal processing fees will equal 1% of the total state fee charged with a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $1,000.00.


# of appts: 100
Price per appointment: $10.00
Total State Fee: $1,000.00
Transaction fee is 1% of state fee.
*NIPR fees are not refundable

Payment Method and other Fees:

Credit Card (no fee)

  • Visa, MasterCard, or American Express

Electronic Check (no fee)

  • There are no check processing fees for utilizing the electronic check payment method, but NIPR transaction fees will apply
  • A few banks or credit unions may not participate in electronic check services. If your bank needs a pre-authorization to use this electronic check service, you will need to provide your financial institution with this information: NIPR ACH-9098504041.

Processing Fee:

  • A fee of 3.5% of the invoice amount may be assessed to the total payment.
  • NIPR transaction fees are non-refundable.

Late Fee:

10% of total premium to a maximum of $15,000.00


Renewal Period: May 1, 2024 to May 31, 2024
Termination Fees: There are no fees to terminate appointments.
Renewal Fees:
  • $100 for Domestic companies
  • $20.00 if the premium tax rate in the appointing company’s state of domicile is less than CT’s 1.75% premium tax rate (see fee chart)
  • $0 for foreign companies in AK, AZ, CO, HI, ID, IL, IN, MD, MO, MT, NY, OR, RI, UT by reciprocal agreement. These appointments are automatically renewed and an invoice will not be generated for NIPR transaction fees.

How to process beginning May 1, 2024:

  • On the Internet, go to
  • Follow the links to company appointment renewals and sign-in using your company identifiers: NAIC #, FEIN, and/or company name
  • After entering the necessary identifying information, you can:
    Print/Pay the Invoice
    View the detail report of appointment renewals
    Print the Report
    Download the Report as text (delimited)
    Download the Report as XML.
  • Help screens and NIPR Customer Support are available to guide you through the process.


Companies may utilize NIPR’s Company Appointment Reconciliation Report (CARR) to terminate appointments of insurance producers who no longer represent the company. The CARR is designed to facilitate the appointment renewal process for regulators and for the insurance industry. As a NIPR customer you can use the CARR to create a listing of your active appointments for a specific company in a specific state. The CARR has the functionality of completing “Not for Cause” terminations directly from the report allowing you to reconcile your company’s insurance producer listing against the Producer Database. Terminations are generated electronically through the NIPR Gateway.

If you have any questions regarding the appointment renewal process, contact:

NIPR Customer Service at 816-674-NIPR (6474) or

Alabama $20 (Accident and Health)
Alabama $80 (Casualty, Life and Property)
Alaska $0  
Arizona $0  
Arkansas $80  
California $80  
Colorado $0  
Connecticut $100  
Delaware $80  
Florida $80  
Georgia $80  
Guam $20  
Hawaii $0  
Idaho $0  
Illinois $0  
Indiana $0  
Iowa $20  
Kansas $80  
Kentucky $80  
Louisiana $80  
Maine $80  
Maryland $0  
Massachusetts $80  
Michigan $20  
Minnesota $80  
Mississippi $80  
Missouri $0  
Montana $0  
Nebraska $20  
Nevada $80  
New Hampshire $20  
New Jersey $80  
New Mexico $80  
New York $0  
North Carolina $80  
North Dakota $80  
Ohio $20  
Oklahoma $80  
Oregon $0  
Pennsylvania $80  
Puerto Rico $20  
Rhode Island $0  
South Carolina $20  
South Dakota $80 (Insurance Producer)
South Dakota $20 (Bail Bond)
Tennessee $80  
Texas $20  
Utah $0  
Vermont $80  
Virgin Islands $80  
Virginia $80  
Washington $80  
Washington DC $20  
West Virginia $80  
Wisconsin $80  
Wyoming $20