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December 18, 2023



HARTFORD – The Connecticut Insurance Department (CID) and the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) are reminding Connecticut residents to take essential precautions to safeguard their automobiles from potential theft amid ongoing auto thefts targeting specific models of Kia and Hyundai vehicles.

CID and DCP recommend the following preventative measures:

  • Use of a wheel lock or installation of a theft device immobilizer to prevent vehicle thefts.
  • Immediate consultation with local Hyundai or Kia dealerships for essential security software updates.

CID has collaborated with insurance companies to ensure awareness and provide comprehensive guidance to affected vehicle owners, emphasizing the need for proactive safety measures in combating this trend.

CID Commissioner Andrew N. Mais emphasized, "The recent surge in auto thefts demands a united effort to protect the safety and security of Connecticut residents. We strongly urge all vehicle owners to adhere to the recommended security measures and remain vigilant in safeguarding their valuable assets."

“It is disheartening to know that the trend of stealing certain vehicles hasn’t stopped,” said DCP Commissioner Bryan T. Cafferelli. “We continue to encourage consumers to take additional security precautions such as contacting Hyundai or Kia regarding the free theft deterrent software they are offering to affected consumers and, if necessary, using a steering wheel lock. Connecticut residents should feel confident that their vehicle isn’t susceptible to auto theft.”

By actively adopting these simple yet crucial security measures, residents can reduce the risk of falling prey to auto theft.

For further information:

Visit the Connecticut Insurance Department website or contact us via email at or call the Consumer Affairs Helpline at 860-297-3900.

Visit the Department of Consumer Protection website or contact them via email at or by phone at 860-713-6300.


Contact: Mary Quinn
Communications, Director
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