Health Benefit Review Program

About this program:

In 2009, the Connecticut General Assembly enacted, and the Governor signed into law, Public Act 09-179, An Act Concerning Reviews of Health Insurance Benefits Mandated in this State.  Public Act 09-179 establishes a Health Benefit Review Program within the Insurance Department and requires the Insurance Department to contract with the University of Connecticut’s Center for Public Health and Health Policy to perform the evaluations and analyses according to statutorily defined criteria.  These reviews will include a list of any prospective mandated health benefits that the General Assembly’s Insurance and Real Estate Committee plans to introduce each legislative session and requests to be evaluated.  In addition, the law requires that there be a retrospective review of all statutorily mandated health benefits existing on or effective July 1, 2009.

The reviews must include both the social and financial impacts of mandating health benefits and the law outlines 25 different factors that must be analyzed, to the extent information is available, for each existing or proposed mandated health benefit.

In order to accomplish this comprehensive evaluation, the Insurance Fund, established in section 38a-52a of the general statutes, will be used to fund this program.  Assessments will be made against insurance carriers, in addition to any taxes and fees that are paid, and the funds generated will be used to carry out the health benefit review program required under this public act.



Proposed Health Benefit Review Requests:

Each year, the General Assembly’s Insurance and Real Estate Committee will request a review for any prospective mandated health benefits they plan to introduce in the coming legislative session. These requests are provided below.