Cross-Endorsements / Adding Endorsements

A person who holds an active Connecticut Initial educator, Provisional educator, or Professional educator certificate may apply for an additional endorsement (cross-endorsement) to such certificate, provided that all of the required coursework and a successful result(s) of the appropriate subject areas tests (as applicable) have been met. The required coursework may be completed at any regionally accredited college or university. The Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification uses such sites as to verify that a higher education institution is regionally accredited.

The cross-endorsement requirements provided in the following links are for general information purposes only. Specific course approval and acceptance will be determined upon the submission of a formal application, review fee and official transcripts. Course descriptions and/or syllabi may be requested, if required.

Please be aware that an additional teaching endorsement can only be added to a teaching certificate. Teaching endorsements cannot be added to administrative, adult education, special service, or vocational certificates.